Dear Parents: Set Boundaries For Your Kids

Saying “No” Is Hard To Do Part One of this two-part successful parenting series was a horror story about one of the worst behaved kids I have ever met. Not all cases are like that, in fact most are not. At the end of  last week’s story I stated that children need to hear the word “No. Children need boundaries. I know most of you are thinking “well my child hates to hear no and acts out even more” and that very well may be true. I know how exhausting

Friday Roundup: Relationship, Kids And Cougars

I Love Fridays Friday has meant many things to me over the years. As a child, it was the end of a nerve-wracking week in a crammed classroom of 50+ students, hiding behind my fellow students so that the teacher would not call on me to recite the timetables. I really hated Mathematics and to a large extent still do! When I started working and was on my own, hiding was the last thing that was on my mind. Partying was and a local disco provided the dance floor. The

Lifetime Lessons From A Grade School Teacher

Lessons That Have Served A Lifetime Dedicated to Miss Doris M. Patton and teachers everywhere who changes lives daily. The intensity of  our conversation was and is still a very positive experience as I reflect on it. I can remember talking with my Mom (she was working at the kitchen table doing food prep) about starting to attend public school like it happened yesterday. My Mom, Dawn, was very pleased that her first-born was heading off for his first day in Grade One. I too was very excited and pleased.

Top 3 Wellness Concerns For Mothers

Wellness And Your Circle Circles of influence and your wellness, that is where our spotlight is targetted today.  Psychologists, sociologists and other such learned folks have done the research and for some time now they have reported to us that those in our lives who actively influence our thoughts, choices and behaviour affect our wellness. Some researchers this year announced that they will be taking their investigation further and have developed a smart phone app and wearable monitoring technology that will measure, over a four-year period, the relationship between social

Warning: Rising Abuse of Pregnant Women & Child Poverty

Increasing Risk To Women And Children “The most pressing need now is providing help to the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, children, the handicapped/those with special needs, women, people in remote villages, and individuals of a lower caste. These groups are often neglected because they usually the weakest and unable to search for help.” Those are the opening words on Hope Worldwide‘s website and I borrowed them as they are more appropriate than any I could think of to describe what is urgently needed to support and protect women


TGIF Round-up: Who Are We

Friday – June 26 It has been a long and beautiful week, with lots of happenings around our world. Over the few weeks that this blog has relocated here from Blogger, my team and I have worked diligently to make it worth Subscribing, commenting and sharing with your friends across social media.  Every morning, without any idea really of what the day’s post will be on, I scour the news for information, selecting relevant stories, related to women, parents, young people anywhere and everywhere in our world. These are presented

Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go…

Protect The Children My passion runs high on several issues and one of them is the protection of children. That may be due to several things including: The sexual and physical abuses that were very much a part of my childhood Working first hand with both men and women who have not healed the wounds of childhood abuse and ended up being incarcerated Interacting daily with several persons who are still living the trauma of their past but masking their pain except with me Contemplating today’s posts on poverty among children

Parenting News: Rich Kid, Poor Kid

Throwback Thursday – Remembering Childhood Another Throwback Thursday and my thoughts go back to 40+ years ago, examining the economic conditions that surrounded me and how it affected my future. Humble would be the best word to describe my childhood home, although my late mother had a tendency towards pretentious. It was hilarious as her attempts at looking “not too bad off,” were scanty. She often bragged about being one of the first to own a television in the neighbourhood and she was extremely proud of her Phillips stereo. That