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The Year Was… The world and his wife (where did that phrase come from) are now showcasing their Best of Last Year. Why should we not join in? Every Friday last year, a roundup of the most visited post of the week was shared. However, we are doing things a bit different and will use the first Monday of 2016 to toot our own horn! This blog relocated to WordPress less than a year ago and we did our best to make up time by posting every day of the

Raising Children In Pakistan Today

Reflecting Society Values Children are the greatest assets of every human society and the future of a nation. Other than sharing the universal principle of love and care for children, every society has its peculiar set of circumstances and values to raise and teach their children. This depends largely on their culture, traditions, religion, social values and a score of other considerations. Pakistani society is no different. Ours is a nation of 220 million people and has a very diverse cultural heritage. With an over 98% Muslim population (converted from

Sex Trafficking: Today’s Slavery

Welcome to Wichita, Sex Trafficking Capitol of the US Though I now live in Southeast Kansas where I go to school, I grew up in Overland  Park—a suburb of Kansas City—where, on the surface, the biggest problem faced by the populace is which brand of sparkling water to buy. My family was perfectly middle class, but I went to the “rich kid” high school and lived next to the rich neighborhood. Because of its proximity to the golf course, it was called Nottingham by the Green—we called in Snottingham. Many

Children: 4 Wisdom Tips For Their Success

21st Century Children “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.” Whitney Houston The 21st Century is marked by a myriad of complexities with rapid and mind-boggling changes. Even if it has great babies songs for them to enjoy as well! It is vastly different from the era during which many of you

Everyday Wellness Tips For Back To School

School Bells Are Ringing – Soon Children are heading back to school shortly so it means that the ‘holidays’ are over for many mothers who have most of the transportation, attending-every-event and homework duties. You are heading back into the full grind! Always truthful is another word that probably ought to be added to my tagline as in all honesty – I do not envy you. Every morning and sometimes three or more times a day, I connect with my daughter and she is always on the run. Kitten, my

Bloom Amazingly! Smart Path To Personal Growth

Bloom Where You Are Planted Previously published on August 14, 2014 A few weeks ago, on one of our locally produced TV shows, there was a discussion with a group of brilliant students who will soon be entering secondary level schools. The host asked each student to describe their feelings about the school where they were placed. In Jamaica, we have a system that places students based on their grade at the last, Common Entrance, examinations in primary schools. The only girl on the panel of five, aged 12, declared

Back To School 2015: The Stuff, The Cost And The Faces

The Most Expensive Time Of The Year Most of my blogging colleagues’ pages are full with wonderful back to school information.For example, a page where students can ask for programming help to assist with classes. As I read through them, several emotions rushed through me – the biggest one? Relief! Smiling, my comment on most of these pages began with “Well, as I do not have a school-aged child …” and ended with the smiley face emoticon. Children are wonderful – wonderfully expensive! When I see very young women, children

My 6-Year Daughter Made Me Stop Lying

And A Child Shall Lead Them Previously published on February 27, 2014 She was only six or seven years old but this was the most gut-wrenching experience with her. It was also a most life-enhancing one for me. Money was tight with us. We were still renting and although both of us were working, our responsibilities extended beyond our household. My baby girl was in prep school at the time and that was a fee we also had to cover. Her birth father was to help with that but as