blue christmas

Turning A Blue Christmas Into A Rainbow

How Many Really Care? Another year and, almost to the day, I am home in pain as I was nine years ago. This time, instead of my head pounding as it was then, it is my back. Sleep was problematic last night. Back in 2007, sleep was not an option for two nights in a row. With the season of gifting on the horizon, my plan to go Christmas shopping is on hold. If the pain eases, maybe it will be possible to go late this evening. Looking back to


Weaning Is Not Just For Babies

Another Beginning Yesterday was my birthday and most of it was spent with an almost 20 month old toddler, however, that is not the reason weaning was on my mind.  On the eve of my 50th birthday in 2015, this subject was uppermost in my thoughts – how the weaning process is relevant to your and my life. So, instead of a Tuesday Thought© – a short video normally shared on the second day of the week, I thought to republish the following a day after my 51st birthday –


How To Reinvent Your Life

Your Cells Do It The cells of your bodies do it. In fact, some researchers says the cells in our bodies are completely replaced every few years. “Every seven years (or 10, depending on which story you hear) we become essentially new people, because in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell.” (Source: Live Science) Whether you agree with the timeline there seems to be little arguing that change is happening in our bodies. My conversation and question in this Tuesday Thought with


Time To Hit The Reset Button!

Land of Milk and Honey: Where? This year will be 14 years since we migrated to Canada and specifically settled in Edmonton, Alberta. Things had reach a point on our island home of Jamaica that it was time to hit the reset button. The political temperature of Jamaica was always running high and sad to say, most of us were accustomed to that so that was not the main reason. My career was transitioning, moving away from a primarily public relations and communications focus to a more spiritual/counselling one. In


Change You First This Year

It Is Inevitable Writing a blog five days a week can become daunting and so several months ago a change was implemented here. With the help of Contributors, it was no longer dependent on one person to create posts for this blog. However, as the Owner, Lead Blogger and Editor here, it is still up to me to come up with the overall direction, themes, focus, etc for the month or months ahead. Many of us resist change. That has never been an issue for me though. This ability to