broken eggs

What To Do With Broken Eggs

For The Love Of Sponge Cake Many years ago, as a trainee chaplain in a hospital, a powerful story about broken eggs was shared with my colleagues and I. As we continue and in fact wind down the Summer Word Challenge, I would like to return the favour and share the story with you. This is a republishing of my original post on “What To Do With Broken Eggs” from 10 years ago. I hope you will find interesting as you live these words today.   Broken Eggs: The Story Before


Prayer: Is Anyone Listening?

The Question “Is there a reason I’m not healing Or am I learning from this pain? I have a little trouble kneeling I don’t know what to believe I’m ready to question That life is a blessing Give me a sign, am I following blind? Is there anyone listening? Is there anyone listening? I don’t know” Gabrielle Alpin, Ready to Question Prayer – A First Instinct There have been times in my life when my first instinct has been to bow my head and bring my hands up, clasped in


Serendipity: What A Lovely Word

The 18th Word Serendipity such a lovely word. They even made a movie of that name, one that I really ought to watch if only to see whether they have done justice to the word. The first time I heard the word, I did a “seren…what?” “Serendipitous” I believe was how it was used, the adjective: “Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” Serendipity Is A Beautiful Thing Actually, a man who I was “seeing” a couple of years ago, said to me as we pulled out of a parking


The Three Blessings Of Loss

Is There Really? Have you ever ‘lost’ so much that you felt that there is nothing else for you to lose and this is it? Well I have. Over and over again; and on one occasion 10 years ago, my loss could have been myself. Loss is one of those words that gives me trouble or gets me in trouble with others. How? Simply because I have come to learn that there really is no “loss” so to speak. Some of my friends do not understand that and feel I am

Someone Disappeared? Let Them

Gone Forever Searched high and low to find an image of the pen that almost got me the whopping of my life. Just as I searched 45+ years ago to find the one that disappeared. Never found that multi-cartridge pen that my uncle brought back from his stint in the United States. Just as I could not find an imagine of it today on the Worldwide Web. What has not disappeared is the memory of it or the “back siding” my mother gave me. The Pen That Disappeared I was warned


Is Old Age Really A Regret?

Or Is That A Myth? Ever since I was a child, I have been mentally trained and indoctrinated to view old age as something related to misery, grief, regret, disease and solitude. I was always scared of getting old and join the club of the desolate, wrinkled and miserable. I didn’t think they could do anything, but now I realise how wrong I was. My friend’s grandmother was able to enjoy some equity release, possibly through brokers similar to Lending Expert from her old family home to afford to go


Revelation: 31-Day Challenge

The Word: Revelation “My soul, sit thou a patient looker-on. Judge not the play before the play is done. Her plot hath many changes; every day. Speaks a new scene; the last act crowns the play.” Francis Quarles (1592 – 1644) A beautiful and most eloquent way to remind us that all things will be revealed in time – when we practice patience. What are you hoping to have revealed to you? How will you “live the word” today? Living The Word Remember to jot your “steps” down, either as


31-Day Word Challenge: Hope

Happy July! Friday is not a usual posting day for us here but as it is the start of a new month, we will be. Why? Our 31-Day Word Challenge that’s why! We are kicking this off today, Canada Day, with a special word: Hope. Subscribers received their copy of KB Life, our monthly newsletter, where the Summer Word Challenge was announced and described. It is not a weight loss challenge but a spiritual, mental and heart engagement and building challenge. Hope Is The Challenge This blog has always had