Stop Being Tolerated: The ABC To Self Celebrate

Celebrate Good Times For at least a decade now, we have heard preachers, politicians and ordinary folk alike stress how important it is to tolerate others. We have also heard countless speeches and possibly attended, even more, seminars on how to celebrate our lives. Absolutely nothing wrong with either of the two. With the world going through another major transition, tolerance and celebration are welcomed ideas. However, some have taken tolerance to a politically correct extreme. Then there are those who miss the many opportunities to celebrate. Celebrating can be


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Celebrate! Another month has passed and a new one has opened and with it many opportunities. So we thought that instead of publishing articles full of words, we would let a daily picture do most of the talking. Throughout August, starting today, all the Contributors and I will post a picture as the focal point. We will caption each with our thoughts, reflections and what the photograph signifies for us. Today, the first of our pictorial and August 1, coincides with two celebrations. It is Heritage Day here in Canada,


Thanksgiving: A Day To Share

The Most Wonderful Time I love Thanksgiving Day! It is my favorite holiday of the year and marks the beginning of more holidays to come. For me, Thanksgiving is a family tradition and since traditions are the basics of our culture that make us feel connected to our heritage, I always try to make it a point to never miss celebrating any. So far I have not. During my college days and as a bachelor I never celebrated Thanksgiving Day alone. Although I could not afford the turkey that marks

international men's day

International Men’s Day: Let’s Celebrate

Why Not? Last year was the first time International Men’s Day came on my radar. There was and remains much debate, at least in some circles, whether we need to observe such a day. In my post on my former blog on the subject, my view was that not only should we observe the day but we should celebrate it. Why not? Many reasons have been put forward why it is an unnecessary observation. The most overriding and compelling, to some, is that in our world structure and systems it

9 Things Every Woman Should Do This Fall

For Leaf-Loving Women Though it can be hard to believe now, when even places on the West Coast are experiencing temperatures in the hundreds, cooler weather is just ahead. Usually, Fall comes with a big list of jobs to do. The leaves, which are duly falling from the trees, will need raking up every couple of days or blasting with a leaf blower (if you’re looking for a leaf blower, you might want to check out this Thebestleafblowers.com guide and get the best one for you). They will also start

Saturday News: Same-Sex Marriage & Other Celebrations

Sleepy Saturdays Saturdays is my sleep-in day – if you call not getting up until 6:00 a.m. sleeping in. This Saturday is already turning out to be a busy one with errands to run, babysitting Kitten, my granddaughter, for a few hours and all the news to cover before getting both of those done. She will be one-year-old on Canada Day and we are in the throes of planning the celebration of her early arrival. Right in the middle of that will be Independence Day in the USA so, continuing