12 Steps To Live Enthusiastically Even In Uncertain Times

Enthusiasm Makes The Difference Continuing our conversation about living an enthusiastic life, we are discussing the 12 steps to help you do so. These are not steps that I developed – let us be clear about that from the outset. The bestselling author, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, outlined his ‘treatment’ for the collapsed personality in his book “Enthusiasm Makes The Difference.” First published in 1967, the book has sold millions of copies ever since. As mentioned in last week’s post, I have read this book at least twice before my

Sex: Bet That Woke You Up!

Sex and breasts are topical today. Tuesday, June 2, 2015: This day is marked as International Sex Workers Day. This is the day where people like Lynda Leigh are praised for the work they do, and the world is made aware of the protections that people in this industry still need. Many would not have known this, however, as a woman, a child of a sex worker (now deceased) and a person very much interest in the lives and way of living of other women, it is something that is