A September To Remember For More Reasons Than One

Everything Holds Beauty Maybe you have sung along with it, maybe you have never heard it but there is a song that says it all when it comes to beauty: “Everything is beautiful, in its own way.” Forget any religious connotations, forget where you were born, forget anything you have thought so far about beauty and open your heart and listen to this song: New Contributor I thought of this song as we prepare to introduce Neelma Tashfeen to our readers today. Neelma is a woman who was born and

The Body Image Question: Athletic Women, Hot Or Not Your Type?

What A Guy Wants Are guys put off by athletic or muscular women? Many men prefer beautiful champions, but whether a man likes a sportswomen is a question of choice. A report that I recently read stated that the depiction of women in sports, highlighting the areas of appearance and physique, puts added pressure on them. As a result of rigorous training, the bodies of these women change and when this happens it is a matter of what a man sees when he looks at them. Some men have labelled

10 Nudges To Get You Motivated To Workout

Don’t Shame, Motivate When it comes to working out, no one knows better than you do how to motivate yourself. Maybe you spread your bikini on the bead and stare wistfully at it while killing yourself on the treadmill. Maybe you turn on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show while frantically doing sit-ups. Or maybe you have found a way to pump yourself up than tearing yourself down? Rather than being motivating, shaming our current bodies while striving for a healthier one is counter-productive. If you want to build good life

3 Body Enhancers To Catch His Eyes…Or Not?

If I See You Walking Down The Street… I love walking the streets late in the evenings and many a night of the week and just about any time of day you can find yourself surrounded by different people who portray different perspective. We are living in a world that is currently designed for the passionate and the driven, so we men are constantly surrounded by women in various stages of maturity, dressing, and intelligence. In those exact moments before they walk past, I bring myself to reflect on attraction and