Politics, Fear And Women: Our Week

Youthful Politics Growing up in a politically fervent time in Kingston, Jamaica, you would not be blamed if you were to describe me as a young activist. As early as my 9th birthday, I was holding my own and passionately so, in the debates about politics: Cuba’s place in the world, the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) actions on my island home, communism and free education for all to name a few. By my 18th birthday, my level of activism stepped up to official membership in the youth arm of one

let go

Letting Go: A Roundup Of How To’s

What We Know For Sure A few weeks ago, one of my best friends and I quite accidentally came up on the topic of letting go. There really are no accidents so let me correct that. We were discussing doing cross promotion of her and her husband’s radio show and this blog. Beverly Sukie-Martin and her husband are no strangers to these virtual pages as I have featured them in an earlier post on “A Love Like This.” Their love story has inspired me from the first time that I

Roundup Post: Your Top 3 Questions

Change Is Constant Almost mid-October (where does the time go?) and, for today’s Roundup post, we are again doing things a bit differently. Change is always good, although some of you might not agree with that. From an early age, I learned to embrace change more than seeking constancy. So, for every time we had to move, it was met with relish. What is changing in our roundup post is, instead of looking at the top three most read posts of this past week, what follows are the most read

Roundup: Repeats, Mixed Bag, Enough

Your Choices Things never are as they seem at a glance, are they? As this week progressed, and for our Roundup purposes the week begins Saturday, there I was thinking that our series of articles on prostitution would be the most read this week. Wrong. On my Facebook page and the comments after the two posts related to our look at sex work, there was a general feeling that a way ought to be found to get governments to help more in protecting women and children trapped in the trade.

Fall Roundup: Mixed Bag

Fall Gifts Fall has arrived and in my house it came with a gift of the cold! Normally not one to succumb to illness – other than the so-called preexisting conditions – this bout has been lingering ever since my granddaughter, who was the kind bearer of the gift, brought it to my home. Scouring the Internet and my co-bloggers’ pages, there is a multitude of Fall giveaways and offerings available to savvy shoppers. We, my daughter and I, actually kicked off the season with our own adventure last Saturday


Roundup: Faith Without Works Is Dead Even For Bloggers

Blogger: The New Go To Source Some people still think that bloggers are either indulgent housewives, people puffed up with their own self-importance and craving the spotlight or simply bored introverts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blogging is the new medium of information and news on just about every topic you would like to know about and tailored to your specific taste. Just as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – just to name a few – have completely changed the way we receive, dissect and interact with news of

Weekly Roundup: “Let Freedom Reign”

The Right To Live “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”  ― Nelson Mandela Not all truth is comfortable. One such is the truth, the deepest truth about a most precious “commodity” for some and a way of being taken for granted by others. Freedom. Whether the late Nelson Mandela was being inclusive in the statement quoted above or he was speaking to his personal history will not be debated. What is important is

Rid Your Life Of Toxic And Violent Women: Weekly Roundup

The Answer Is Within Who said that everybody, everywhere knows everything? If you thought that, you were wrong. Well in a sense. Deep inside of us we have the answers to most of life’s questions or at least have a compass that could lead to them. Asking the opinions of others and then not appreciating what they say as their perspective on life based on their experiences have often led many of us astray. There are people with good advice and I do hope that you find some of our