Roundup Rant: Unsolicited Advisers, Please Bugger Off!

Unsolicited Advice Have you ever received advice from someone who you either do not know or did not ask for their opinion? What do you do with unsolicited advice? We each have our own way of doing things and being in the world. Yet some people have appointed themselves experts on everything. Then there are others who have excelled in their field (congrats) and now feel that no other course ought to be charted but theirs. Everyone must follow them or, according to them, you will not get too far.

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How To Deal With Sympathy Addicts And Attention Seekers

Spotting An Attention Addict They will vociferously deny that they are addicts or attention seekers, after all they are only on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms half the time that we are logged on. Attention seekers are always the last to know or at least confess their game. If you are ready to listen to a litany of complaints, ask a sympathy addict how they are doing and sit your butt down for the answer. This will be no drive-by “I am doing well thank you for