End To The Pain: 5 Affirmations

When Will It? There are events in our lives that in the moment of their “happening” we feel as if there will be no end to it. Nothing could be further than the truth. It might not end as quickly as you might like or want but end it will. In the meanwhile, as the storm is raging and until the eye passes you over, there is something to be learned, something that will transform you should you allow it. This week, as we continue to look at life challenges,


Affirm Your Best Life Into Being

I See… Vision Boards are very popular of late since so many celebrities are touting how powerful they have been in their lives. But, you do not have to be a celebrity for vision boards to help direct your life. You do not have to star in a reality show or have your own talk shown to affirm each day, every minute if needs be, what you would like to experience in your life. You do not have to create a vision board at any particular time of the year.


5 Affirmations To Change Your Mind

Mind Over Matter Or Not? Which comes first – the feeling, the behaviour or the thought? What role, if any, do our words play in our lives? Is your mind the engine of your life or are your actions? These are questions that psychologist, mystics, sages, philosophers and spiritual seekers have been and will continue to ask until the end of time as we know it. It is a conversation many of us have engaged in and even more have not bother to entertain. Wherever you fall on the spectrum

In The News: Menstruation, Money And Motivation

Menstruation is Death??? Some days you just want to scream, “WTF” when you read or hear news reports of things supposedly educated people say, especially men. The ‘WTF’ moment came today reading highlights of an interview with one Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Apparently, the godly gentleman is not only an expert on things religious but on women’s period. Reacting to concerns of another ‘WTF-er’, Glenn Beck, about the mixing of sex images with those of death, Lapin linked this to women’s period! WTF?! According to Lapin, menstruation represents death and that is why