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Getting To Your True Self

Who We Are Our mission on this blog and the intention of every post that we share are aimed at helping even one get to their true self. There are many preachers, teachers, ministers, counsellors, gurus etc., widely available in every corner of the world. Motivational speakers are becoming a dime a dozen and some, in my opinion, are only worth that – a dime. While several of us have training in psychology, counselling, coaching, etc, the posts that we share are normally grounded in our life experiences. We share

new year

New Year, Better Woman

The Year In Review A lot has happened over the last year, which leads me to wonder at what age we will stop saying that. I am also thinking about the new year. Anyways, my year was full of ups and downs as I am sure everyone’s was. It was my first year of marriage, and boy, was I in for a surprise. People always say marriage is hard but it is hard in a way that is indescribable. I also started a new job almost a year ago and


Leave The Past Behind This Year

Relish It And Move On Looking back on the past can either be an enjoyable experience or a painful one. Sometimes the glance back to the past is merely that – a glance. You do not dwell on it, you simply have a peek and that peek has no particular effect on you. Christmas signifies many things for me. It might be the same for you. One of the most significant things about the season is that it means the bells are tolling on yet another year. Recently, I shared


3 Roadblocks To An Awesome 2016

2016 Boot Camp Christmas has not arrived yet and Thanksgiving (in the United States) is still a week or so away. Then why have we leapfrogged to talking about the New Year? There are two reasons for that. The first is your point that we are 50+ days away from 2016 so there are many opportunities for you to achieve the intentions you set for 2015. My second reason for using today’s conversation, which is usually wellness-related, to talk about 2016 is that this is a great time to start

4 Tips To Make The Rest Of 2015 The Best Year

Rituals, Routines And Reverence My eyes open most mornings by 5:00, sometimes much earlier when insomnia stays over. Even if I can’t sleep I still want to be comfortable as my insomnia surges up again, so my friend sent me The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Luxury Mattress to help me get something I can comfortably lie with my insomnia on at 5:00 am. Tumbling around in the covers, rubbing my feet, and gliding my fingers slowly across – the sheets (I am single people) for a good five minutes,

2015: Your Year In Review, So Far

Taking Stock Every Monday, sometimes we do it on a Tuesday depending on the schedule, my Team members and I meet to review the previous week’s achievements, any news that might impact our work and the goals for the current week. Although the organization that employs me to supervise, manage and lead its customer service team has been around for such a long time, this weekly review that I initiated was a new experience for the group. Some weeks, it is a quick conversation but other times we can spend