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newsleterThis is my monthly FREE tune up to members of this community. It another way, a more intimate way, of connecting with you. More than that, however, it is your quick guide to living a practical spiritual life – not religious but an intentional life.

KB Life Newsletter?

What does that mean?

Kick Butt – not anyone else’ but your own. The newsletter is short but:

  • Full of tips to get you off your rear-end and up an rearing to live the life you have always wanted
  • Includes the month’s affirmation poster to help keep you on track
  • Highlights the best article published on the blog, the one that most readers found uplifting and leading them on the path they have chosen for themselves in a practical way

In 2016, new features will be added to the newsletter and more guides about letting go. You will want to be part of the community receiving and experiencing these developments so join us!

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Need to think about it some more? Do that while checking out back issues of KB Life:

*~2016 Back Issues~*

 March Issue 〉

 Spring Is About To Be Sprung!

“That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.” ― L.M. Montgomery

Every season has its special flavour and something to love about it, yet Spring is ooh so sweet-smelling for some! The buds will soon start appearing on trees, leaves will start regrowing, the grass will get green and yes, there will be sludge.



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 February Issue 〉

 Love is in the Air..

February is here and it is the season of Love!

Do you have a Valentine this year? What special thing do you do for your loved ones? Some people argue that everyday should be celebrated as a time for loving and I would not disagree. However, it is nice to have a day set aside to express your feelings for another or many others with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, etc.



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 January Issue 〉

 366 Steps..

This one is a leap year, so it means we have 366 opportunities to be and do what our hearts are calling us to  this time around. Already three (or more) of those chances have passed, depending on when you are reading this. Not to worry whether you have just chilled away the first few days of 2016 – that too is part of the journey.

Now, it is time to get moving!


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*~2015 Back Issues~*

 December Issue 〉

 Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,Jingle All The Way..


Oh what fun it is to ride on the one horse open sleigh!

I absolutely love Christmas! What about you? It truly, for me, is the most wonderful time of the year. Growing up in a semi-religious home, my joy around Christmas was very much attached to the Biblical stories related to the season. As I matured, numerically and in wisdom, my understanding and feelings about Christmas did as well.



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 November Issue 〉

 50 Days To Go!

Whether you observe it or not, you will be hearing carols and bells soon. Christmas is just over 50 days away by the time you are reading this and my question to you is – how will you be passing the Season this year?

However, you decide to celebrate or just let the bells toll in the background – one thing is for sure, you will not fail to recognize that 2015 is coming to an end. Last issue, I asked you whether you have checked your list of resolutions or, if you are like me, your Vision Board to see what might be left for you to achieve. Have you done that?


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 October Issue 〉

 The End Is Near…!

Can you believe that we are now on the last lap of 2015! Where did the time go?

In 84 days we will be singing Christmas carols at full volume – those of you who do – and soon after that, it will be time to make New Year’s resolutions. Or are you not into making resolutions?

Quite frankly, neither am I. My practice for years now has been creating Vision Boards. They have evolved from being on a large paper posted on my bedroom wall to a slideshow on my phone. Whatever the format, New Year’s Eve night is spent putting together a scrapbook of my desires and areas of focus for the upcoming year.


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 September Issue 〉

 Fall Is Upon Us!

For me here in Alberta, it seems as if Summer bypassed us. One day it was Spring and the sunroofs of the cars started opening and in a flash it was over. Shortly there will be commercials advising us to get our vehicles and homes ready for Winter!

Where in the world are you? Do you experience the drastic changing of the seasons as we do here in Canada? Which season is your favourite?

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 August Issue 〉

 Summer Is In Full Swing!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer wherever it finds you – on a patio, a deck, at the beach or cooling down in an air-conditioned room!

Summer here in Alberta is very short-lived so we make the most of it. I always find it amusing how we sit and watch as the last bit of snow melts and then rush out to the garden centres to get out season’s flowers and plants.  Talk about making hay while the sun shines!

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 July Issue 〉

 Friends! How Are You?

As you may have realized by now, I have been kicking butts across social media. The primary targets of my heels have been doubts and fear. With a team of fantastic designers and WordPress experts, I have been learning – at my age – how to design my blog, HTML coding, social media marketing and much more.

Lots of changes have taken places in the last month – one of which has been the move from using Vertical Response to Mailchimp. While I hope it is the last move – who knows! As the ‘construction’ continues, fine-tuning the services and support that I offer and making it easier for you to access me are my objectives. Please bear with me.

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 June Issue 〉


KB Life – Are You Ready?

With only six months, well actually five full months before 2015 ends, my question is – are you living the KB Life? Not sure what the heck I am talking about? Then continue  reading this the first of a limited series of KB Life Newsletter. Be sure to take advantage of the amazing tips, guides and offers shared with you – my amazing Long Bench partners and friends! Feel free to share this newsletter and invite your friends to join in!

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