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My commitment to Subscribers and Members of this community is this: As your coach and friend my sole desire is to share with you insightful and in-depth stories, content and conversations that will inspire you to live exactly the way you want.

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Without the hype, the bells, and the whistles, what Subscribers get from me is practical, down-to-Earth support. There are no mega-buck fees, no religious or fixed spiritual affiliation, just simple practical to life support. Everything I share matches the everyday journey of women around the world who are managing careers, educational upgrading, finances, family, the twisting road of relationships, societal demands – the daily grind that we all face. You can also access my paid services for reasonable fees and suited to match the pace that you wish to go at. Check them out here.

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When you become a Subscriber and join this community, you join my family – the one in which we choose each other daily. You also have greater access and contact with me as we walk together to the KB Life! When you fill out the form below to subscribe, please make sure to check your junk email and confirm your subscription. As well, do add my email (daughtersofsheba@gmail.com) so you will never miss an update.

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