Letting Go With Claudette

The Gift of Goodbye

Growing up, the lesson taught to me over the longest period was how to hang on. It would take many years of physical pain, emotional suffering and three suicide attempts to finally learn the art of letting go.

At the now ripe old age of 50, letting go has become one of my greatest gifts. It is one that is shared often on this blog. You too can learn how to let go, release all the angst and agony of failed relationships, friendships and even jobs.

The following list of articles are directly related to this art of letting go. Read through each and leave your comments. As well, check out my story and the services and support available that I may offer you as you release ‘stuff’ that are no longer working for you. [tweetthis]Trouble with letting go? Here is a resource from a woman who knows how to do this! Check it out today![/tweetthis]

Articles on Letting Go

This list of posts on this blog is updated as new and related ones become available:

letting go
Short Story Series: Letting Go

Audio and Videos on Letting Go

Here are audios and videos of my conversations about releasing toxicity from your life and getting to “free:”

Support Services

Letting go is easier said than done, but it is entirely possible to do and I can walk with you through the process. Contact me through Fiverr for coaching sessions or you can also email me at daughtersofsheba@gmail.com and we can start the journey of letting go.

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Claudette P. Esterine