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How To Work With This Accountability Coach

Being an accountability and life coach is one of my greatest pleasures. This is one of the ways to work with me.

Visit me on Fiverr and check out the affordable options for us to work together, from weekly to monthly coaching.

Other Options

Want to partner with me on a project? There are many ways we can work together:

  1. See the “Meet Claudette” page for my interests and areas that we might collaborate. I work for compensation– not exchange for product or “exposure”.  Long-term relationships/projects with brands are preferred.
  2. Brand Ambassador: If you are looking for a blogger to represent your brand, I can be your product ambassador, if our interests and goals are in alignment to inspire and uplift women and those who love them. Ambassadorship can be through a series of blog posts, as well as mentions on Claudette P. Esterine and Daughters of Sheba Foundation’s social media. I’m also available to travel and can do on-camera work for you.
  3. Company/brand events: Invite Claudette P. Esterine (or one of our Contributors through her) to attend your event and learn about your company, product, cause, or contest, etc.

4. Travel: I’m available to represent or accompany brands on trips as a human interest writer.  I love to share my experiences on the road with my readers.

5. Product reviews: If you have a product that will be of great value to Claudette P. Esterine’s readers, let me know. If it’s a good fit with this blog, I may host a giveaway for you – for a fee.

6. Advertise:  Sidebar ad spots are available at a monthly fee and payable in advance via Paypal, for products and services that support and inspire women and their families.


Something Else?

Have another idea you’d like to pitch to Claudette P. Esterine? I’d love to hear it. Let’s work together!

These are just a few examples of ways I am willing to work with companies. I am open to your creative suggestions if I feel they benefit the content of the blog and are helpful to my readers.



I am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies and am involved in various other projects.   I will not accept payment to publish positive feedback on a product.  All opinions in my written posts are entirely my own or that of my Contributors.

If you are interested in having your products featured on Claudette P. Esterine, kindly send an email to or  complete contact form below

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