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Sharing my journey, the tips and tools that I learned – easily or the hard way – is what I live to do. Writing, whether articles for this blog or e-books, is my best way of giving to you.

Along with the private conversations, webinars, live chats and other types of interactions, I offer e-books to help you on your journey. They include practical tips – some directly spiritual but all practical, easy to follow and proven to help.

All you have to do is download and use any of the e-books listed here. I will also share links to infographics that summarizes many of the processes and give you a quick reference to also use in your daily life.

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Infographics and More

Here are links to more stuff that you can use:

Infographic: Letting Go Is Good For You

Letting Go is a big issue for many and you might be one of them. It was most certainly one for me but with time, practice and patience I learned the art. This infographic is a colorful reminder of the pay-offs of releasing what no longer serves. you. Download and print here. It is Free!

The A.C.T. Approach

Another infographic that you can download and use as a daily reminder, especially if bad memories have a stranglehold on your emotions, is this one. A recent post of mine described how depression affect us, all generations and everywhere in the world. This is a summary of my A.C.T. Approach© to support you through those moments when a bad memory comes visiting. Download and print it here. It too is FREE!

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