Friends are better than pocket-money,” we say in my island home of Jamaica and these are the wonderful friends who have joined me to support you. These Contributors are from a range of fields and write articles on an equally wide range of topics related to women-empowerment, resiliency, food and even fashion.

contributorsAlexis Ali is our regular features writer and lives in New York. She always wanted to have a non-traditional job. Then she found one. With a Master’s degree in Linguistics, Alexis is a freelance writer of short stories and uses her skills to help others with their writing projects. She also sings and has a love for photography. Alexi is our main short-story series writing and have done two series for us to date: “The Unfortunate Life of An Interesting Woman,” and “Adele’s Pattern: A Journey to Redemption.”  She is a versatile writer who can cover just about any topic given to her and has done pieces on parenting, relationship and education. If you would like Alexis to share her magic with your audience, you can contact her through LinkedIn or Fiverr.


contributorsAsma Amin is a prolific writer on social and gender related issues. She is a career educationist with her Masters in English Literature and lives in Lahore, Pakistan. A champion swimmer and a mom of three teenagers, she loves dividing her time between family, writing and her job as an educationist. She is a social activist and striving for better living and working conditions for the women of her country. You can connect with Asma on Fiverr.



contributorsClara Brown, is a longstanding member of Claudette’s Daughters of Sheba Facebook group, a friend, an Insurance Executive in Jamaica and a very wise woman. Clara writes motivational articles for us, drawing from her life experience as a career woman, mother and mentor of young people. She draws on her childhood growing up in rural Jamaica and how that has shaped her life today. Her most intimate post to date was “My Baby Died: How Do I Go On?



contributorsKatelyn Roth double-majored in Creative Writing and Psychology at Pittsburgh State University in Pittsburgh, KS. She remains at the university in pursuit of her Masters in Poetry and is also teaching freshman composition classes. She has served on the staff of the campus literary magazine for several years and was Editor-in-chief of the 2013-2014 issue. She resides in Pittsburgh with her fiancé and their husky mix, Inara. Katelyn writes on a variety of topics relating to women empowerment, psychology, healthy relationships and anything that supports the mental health of women. Her recent posts was on “Dog, Not Diamond Is Her Best Friend,” and “Sex Trafficking: Today’s Slavery.”


contributorsMardene Carr is a tech-savvy Librarian with over 15 years experience in library services and research.  She has advanced knowledge of Integrated Library Systems and in-depth understanding of collection analysis, library instruction, library automation and general library operations. Mardene completed the Masters in Library and Information Studies from University of Texas, and an Advanced Masters in the same area from Louisiana State University.  She is currently pursuing a (MPhil) – Phd, Pastoral Counseling at the United Theological College of the West Indies.  However, it is her taste and style that she brings to us as one of our Contributors. Mardene will share from her experience as an Image/Fashion Consultant, posting seasonal, special occasion outfits for our fashion savvy readers. She owns and runs a blog and can be contacted at


contributorsMichael H. Ballard is who he is – Mr. Resilience himself. He lives, breathes and works in Toronto, Canada, but helps people all over the world. As a Consultant, Michael has a busy schedule that includes speaking engagements all over Canada and the world. He shares his understanding and experience of resiliency and bouncing back with us in articles such as “Lessons From A Grade School Teacher.”



Neelma Tashfeen brings a different flavour to the banquet here. She is  freelance writer with a Master’s degree in English Literature and a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Neelma lives in Islamabad, Pakistan from where she has shared with readers stories of the lives of women in that country. “A Peek Into The Daily Lives of 3 Pakistani Women” was Neelma’s first article here. She was one of the Contributors to our series on prostitution with her articles: “Prostitution in Pakistan: The Stories” and “Pakistan Taboo: Palace or Prison?” She can be contacted at


Robert Turner lives in Georgia, U.S. and holds a degree in English. Robert is foremost an educationist and then a freelance writer. He enjoys a healthy debate as much as the next guy and writes short stories or inspirational books in his spare time. Robert has brought a male perspective to our conversations through his posts such as “Top 2 Reasons Why Men Fear Becoming Dads” and  “3 Body Enhancers To Catch His Eyes Or Not?”



ContributorZara Lewis is a mom, designer and a regular contributor to, devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her and hopes to start a blog about that one day. Until then writes her diary occasionally. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.

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