12 Steps To Live Enthusiastically Even In Uncertain Times

Enthusiasm Makes The Difference Continuing our conversation about living an enthusiastic life, we are discussing the 12 steps to help you do so. These are not steps that I developed – let us be clear about that from the outset. The bestselling author, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, outlined his ‘treatment’ for the collapsed personality in his book “Enthusiasm Makes The Difference.” First published in 1967, the book has sold millions of copies ever since. As mentioned in last week’s post, I have read this book at least twice before my


Stressed? 6 Ways To Reduce It

Live Healthier Naturally Do you feel stressed out, pretty much exhausted and sometimes even very weak? If your answer is yes, that may mean that you are starting to burn out. There are many obligations and tasks that you have to carry out but there is simply no time for everything. Your organism inevitably suffers because of that but there are ways to fix that. You may decide that you would rather go down the uncoventional route of releasing any stress that you are feeling. Some people like to take

Natural Foods You Want To Eat

Sex or Dinner – Which Is Better? After sex (or is it before?) food, particularly natural foods, is my next favourite thing! There was a time in my life when I was grossly overweight. I say grossly not because of society’s standards of beauty. I simply was not happy with the 210 pounds that I was packing. My baby pictures are that of a fat but cute little thing. My mother said that I was close to nine pounds at birth and I kept the weight up until I started

mental illness

Mental Illness Is Not Taken Seriously

Nobody Talks About It Among other recent college grads, I often hear jokes about the relevance of those pesky ‘Gen Eds.’ “I’m sure glad I know about trigonometry this tax season,” they say. “It’s a good thing I can map constellations, I just wish I knew how to change a flat tire.” Though I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained from my education, I can agree that there are times I wish I had learned things that have more practical applications. One of the biggest areas for improvement


Magical Or Miserable Life?

What Do You Think? Romantic I am. At least I think so. Maybe my exes would not agree. I do believe in things magical though. “Romanticizer” of life – not guilty on that score either. Wine me, dine me, make coffee for me and, best of all, have intelligent, witty, thought-provoking conversations with me and you will have me eating out of your hands. Well, metaphorically. You will at least have my keen interest. Tell me that all that glitters might very well be gold, that there is milk and


Make No Apologies For Who You Are

Passive-Aggressive Behaviour Have you ever met someone or been in a situation where you were expected to make apologies for your happiness? Been there and done that many times in my life. Now, I am at the point where being alone – physically – and have a very small circle of friends really do not bother me at all. Being oneself is far more important than being who someone else needs you to be. Worse yet, is being in a crowd of people but feeling alone. About a year ago,


Satisfied Vs Settling: Same Or Different?

A New Thing… Since the start of the year, there has been a couple of changes on this blog, ones that I hope you are enjoying. Change is something that is completely embraced by me. In fact, I become quite restless when things become routine – whether that is in a job, a relationship, my weekly menu and even in my conversations and interaction with friends. Satisfied I am not with “sameness,” loving to be challenged, having something to learn and gaining new skills. Over the past six months of

pakistani dish

Try A Pakistani Dish This Holiday

Co-Existing With Differences Today we live in a world united and polarized at the same time. Where globalization unites us, there the differences in skin color, creed, nationality and religion erect unseen barriers. Amidst the grey clouds of disparity, the sane and lovely exist who promote the co-existence of cultures and find great common grounds to enjoy each others cultural festivities. There is no better common ground than food including the seeming exotic and not to mention the festive foods.  You are invited to try a Pakistani dish this holiday!