4 Tips To Make The Rest Of 2015 The Best Year

Rituals, Routines And Reverence My eyes open most mornings by 5:00, sometimes much earlier when insomnia stays over. Tumbling around in the covers, rubbing my feet and gliding my fingers slowly across – the sheets (I am single people) for a good five minutes, I express my gratitude to Source for another opportunity to step into all that I am. This is my “basking” time – something I picked up from one of my spiritual teachers. Another ‘ritual’ of mine is spending a few minutes once up, while having my

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She Is Not Sexy, She Is Violent: A Hard Truth To Accept

Violence By Women Today’s conversation is not sexy, simple or sentimental. It is serious. As a blog concerned with the daily issues affecting the lives – the entire being – of women, it would be remiss, irresponsible, ingenuous and plain stupid for me, as the lead blogger, to not address the underbelly of women’s lives. [tweetthis]Read the hard truth about violence in women in this blog post! #RealTalk[/tweetthis] Violence by women. As always, the conversations that we have are always grounded, to some degree, in the lived experiences of the

Everyday Wellness Tips For Back To School

School Bells Are Ringing – Soon Children are heading back to school shortly so it means that the ‘holidays’ are over for many mothers who have most of the transportation, attending-every-event and homework duties. You are heading back into the full grind! Always truthful is another word that probably ought to be added to my tagline as in all honesty – I do not envy you. Every morning and sometimes three or more times a day, I connect with my daughter and she is always on the run. Kitten, my

7 Toxic Relationships And How To Remove Them From Your Life

Journal To Your Dreams Over the past few weeks, I have found myself drawn to rereading old journals of mine. Do you journal? I did, not so much now. With the amount of time that I spend researching, writing and editing my posts here and that of the Contributors, it feels as if I am constantly journalling. Many of the posters shared on my Facebook page are quotes from my journals. The one that was my “Good morning” message today came from a 2007 journal that I was pouring over

Learn Fast And Read The Signs Life Gives To You

Read The Signs! Previously published in November, 2014 Soon after arriving in Canada, Edmonton to be exact, a man said to us as we wandered lost in the subway station, “Learn fast, read the signs!” Not sure why that comment has stuck with me 13 years later but he was absolutely right. My intuition is very powerful. It was tuned, literally and figuratively, while I studied for my first Master’s degree in the Ukraine in the 1980’s. Being prepared as I was for the diplomatic service, reading the signs, political,

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You Don’t Have To Accept Being Taken For Granted: Part II

Step Back And Check Your Messages On Thursday, I shared with you Part One of this two-part series on how to stop being taken for granted. That post ended with an exercise that, if you did it, would have led you into an appreciation, if not full understanding, why people in your life continue to take advantage of you. Check out that exercise before moving on to the next steps in this process. As said in that earlier post, many people have written and spoken on this topic of taking


350 Million People Have It, Don’t Be One Of Them! Friday Roundup News

Thank God It’s Friday, For Real! Who else is happy it is Friday? I love every day of the week but this Friday will get the reward for waking me up with the biggest smile on my face! No, there was no early morning action going on in my bedroom, well other than me kicking off the blanket and screaming in ecstasy, “Yes, it’s Friday!!!” I love my job and look forward to going in to work every day. The team that I have the awesome responsibility to lead has


You Don’t Have To Accept Being Taken For Granted!

Stop Being A Sucker For Pain! Earlier this year, a version of this article was posted on my former blog. I decided to revive and republish it as a two-part series due to the amount of comments and questions received in response to it. In our morning post, I covered the question of you taking others for granted, especially your employer. Check it out here as it is always important to remember that we get what we give. Claiming victim status without checking our own behaviour and role in the