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Last Year From Our Contributors

The Year Was… The world and his wife (where did that phrase come from) are now showcasing their Best of Last Year. Why should we not join in? Every Friday last year, a roundup of the most visited post of the week was shared. However, we are doing things a bit different and will use the first Monday of 2016 to toot our own horn! This blog relocated to WordPress less than a year ago and we did our best to make up time by posting every day of the

Emotions Can Run High At Christmas

Use Them… Nothing expresses the emotions that we feel like the songs we listen. Whether it is new or lost love, songs will always be able to tell the joys or the angst that you are feeling. In the opinion of some, our emotions are reflective of our thoughts while others believe that emotions are the driving force “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ― Oscar Wilde Whatever your view, Christmas is one

christmas angels

Christmas Angels: You Can Be One

No Debates Here Every year the same debate rages on! What is the true meaning of Christmas? Do you know the reason for the season? Is it a pagan festival or was Jesus really born at this time? On and on and on it goes. Personally, I have learned to tune it out and will not engage. My only concern during this, the most wonderful time of the year, are the Christmas Angels that come out to play, bless and rejoice all that is merry and bright. Whether you are


The Best Of November: Gratitude

A State of Being While December is “the most wonderful time of the year,” you might get tired of hearing this from me soon, November was a good month as well. Although some went crazy on Black Friday and behaved horribly towards their fellow citizens as they did battle to get bargains, during November more people gave thanks. Gratitude was the underlying theme throughout our posts in November, unintentionally, subtly but there. Grateful is what I will always be for the opportunity, this medium and all the other media where

black friday

Black Friday: Quality Vs Quantity

Sale, Sale, Sale! Everybody loves a bargain and Black Friday certainly promises plenty. You might not be reading this until Saturday being so busy grabbing the deals, finding your car or some form of transportation to get back home or relishing your purchases. Or, you might be at a doctor’s office getting your bruises, and I hope that is all they were, taken care of. Black Friday is not something any member of my household has every participated in – not in the store or on-line. Bargain or not, we


Who Is Your Family?

Relatives Versus Family “There is no such thing as a “broken family.” Family is family, and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people are your family. And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with

international men's day

International Men’s Day: Let’s Celebrate

Why Not? Last year was the first time International Men’s Day came on my radar. There was and remains much debate, at least in some circles, whether we need to observe such a day. In my post on my former blog on the subject, my view was that not only should we observe the day but we should celebrate it. Why not? Many reasons have been put forward why it is an unnecessary observation. The most overriding and compelling, to some, is that in our world structure and systems it

Raising Children In Pakistan Today

Reflecting Society Values Children are the greatest assets of every human society and the future of a nation. Other than sharing the universal principle of love and care for children, every society has its peculiar set of circumstances and values to raise and teach their children. This depends largely on their culture, traditions, religion, social values and a score of other considerations. Pakistani society is no different. Ours is a nation of 220 million people and has a very diverse cultural heritage. With an over 98% Muslim population (converted from