50, Single And Loving Life!

Marriage? Shacking Up? Not Likely Years ago, when my longest long-term relationship ended abruptly I wanted my life to do the same. When it was not doing so of its own volition, I took matters into my own hands. Twice. Now, almost nine years later, I am single, almost 51 years old and loving life as never before. Sure, I have had moments when I’ve wanted to use sites like Doublelist to find some friends or even build a relationship with someone. But I’ve never really had the courage, so

winds of change

Everyday Wisdom For A Great Year

January Changes The first full week of 2016 is coming to an end and what a week it has been. We have covered a few topics since the start of the year but the underlying theme has been change – embracing and growing through it. In keeping with that, we too have undergone and made some changes and the one that I am most excited about is the start of the everyday wisdom feature that is now available to Subscribers and members of this community. For the past six months,


Time To Hit The Reset Button!

Land of Milk and Honey: Where? This year will be 14 years since we migrated to Canada and specifically settled in Edmonton, Alberta. Things had reach a point on our island home of Jamaica that it was time to hit the reset button. The political temperature of Jamaica was always running high and sad to say, most of us were accustomed to that so that was not the main reason. My career was transitioning, moving away from a primarily public relations and communications focus to a more spiritual/counselling one. In


Change You First This Year

It Is Inevitable Writing a blog five days a week can become daunting and so several months ago a change was implemented here. With the help of Contributors, it was no longer dependent on one person to create posts for this blog. However, as the Owner, Lead Blogger and Editor here, it is still up to me to come up with the overall direction, themes, focus, etc for the month or months ahead. Many of us resist change. That has never been an issue for me though. This ability to

true self

Getting To Your True Self

Who We Are Our mission on this blog and the intention of every post that we share are aimed at helping even one get to their true self. There are many preachers, teachers, ministers, counsellors, gurus etc., widely available in every corner of the world. Motivational speakers are becoming a dime a dozen and some, in my opinion, are only worth that – a dime. While several of us have training in psychology, counselling, coaching, etc, the posts that we share are normally grounded in our life experiences. We share

last year

Last Year From Our Contributors

The Year Was… The world and his wife (where did that phrase come from) are now showcasing their Best of Last Year. Why should we not join in? Every Friday last year, a roundup of the most visited post of the week was shared. However, we are doing things a bit different and will use the first Monday of 2016 to toot our own horn! This blog relocated to WordPress less than a year ago and we did our best to make up time by posting every day of the

new year

Living This New Year According To Me

Oh, The Plans We Make… This time last year, I had just graduated with two Bachelor’s degrees and I was preparing to enter graduate school in pursuit of my Master’s. Until my very last semester in college, I had planned on getting my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. But then I visited some programs, did more research, and after shopping around, worried that it was not for me. Instead, after years of much bullying—er, encouragement—from respected professors, I decided to accept an assistant teaching position with the English department

holy encounter

Holy Encounters In 2016

Bee In My Bonnet Three years ago on this very day, my thoughts went to holy encounters and recognizing when you are in the middle of one. Facebook has this “Memories” feature and it reminded me around 6:00 this morning of a post that I did on December 30, 2012 – the eve of New Year’s Eve. If you are as I am, this is the time of the year that you get really reflective – on the year coming to an end, the resolutions that you actualized and those