Can You See The Circles Around Us?

They Are Everywhere Circles.  What you see when you are having a migraine. They creep sneakily across the eyes; so close yet so far. They are beautiful, graceful and elegant. They are performed under the spotlight by sparkly ballerina shoes. The dancer spins in circles, disappearing into a whirl of colour and enchants the audience. Circles are complicated when a toddler tries to draw a face; they are magnificent when horses gallop in a circle, drawn by the rider’s reins. The lights in the disco are circles, small fluorescent ones.

In My Handbag You Will Find

Everybody Carries One A handbag is a symbol of independence, style and comfort. Carrying a handbag is like carrying a piece of home with you, wherever you go. They also tell a story about where you have been and how long they’ve been with you. All those little scuffs and marks make it unique to you. When I see handbags, I think of the city and its people. Handbags have broken the chains of gender, time and age. They have evolved to be an essential part of every wardrobe. Handbags


Is Old Age Really A Regret?

Or Is That A Myth? Ever since I was a child, I have been mentally trained and indoctrinated to view old age as something related to misery, grief, regret, disease and solitude. I was always scared of getting old and join the club of the desolate, wrinkled and miserable. I didn’t think they could do anything, but now I realise how wrong I was. My friend’s grandmother was able to enjoy some equity release, possibly through brokers similar to Lending Expert from her old family home to afford to go

Hate Is Mounting And It Is Dangerous

A Different World I was born in 1973 and the world was comparatively a peaceful one, going by today’s standards. I saw the world in green. The rain drops were more numerous and cultural blending was more clear than what I see today. Immigration was easier and cross-cultural acceptance was higher than what I see for my kids in near future. As a teenager, I could never envision a world so full of division, cross-cultural obstacles and hate as I see today as a 40 something. A lot has changed


I Promise: To Be Empowered In Pakistan

Empowered Women Where? Resolves are important and that is where the ambitions are rooted. Being a woman in Pakistan is a bit different from anywhere else in the world. The challenges that we face are also somewhat diverse. Being and becoming an empowered woman is one such challenge that I find daunting as inequality, injustice and mistreatment of our women are rampant. This is particularly true among the uneducated. Women empowerment was one of the fundamental founding principles of the nation but the concept never really took root in our


A Muslim Woman On Sin

Our Contributor’s Perspective The concept of forbidden acts or sins is inherent and built into most religions of the modern or ancient civilized world. The foundation of these sins or forbidden acts is laid out in social or moral principles. Many of them are common to most religions, especially the ones on social welfare and mutual coexistence of humans in a society (like lust, greed etc).  The aim of this post is to highlight any similarities between the seven deadly sins in Christianity and Islam. For new readers of this

physical intimacy

Physical Intimacy: An Awkward Issue

In Pakistan Today I am touching on a subject that is taboo in my society. It may be somewhat strange for many since it is very different from what western women are accustomed to. Physical intimacy between Pakistani couples especially on the woman’s part. Before I go any further, you need to have a little understanding about how an average Pakistani woman is raised when it comes intimacy. The concept of physical intimacy is one that is entirely untouched not just for young women but also for men in our


Arranged Marriages Pakistan Style

There’s More To Them They say marriages are made in heavens. But, in reality, there is more to marriages than just simple heavenly connection. This “more to marriages” is obvious in societies where marriages have deep social connotations and they are not merely a union of two people at their own sweet will. That social connection is most visible in arranged marriages. Recently, during the traditional marriage season in Pakistan, which starts September each year and ends during Spring, roughly March); millions of couples tied the knot. Being a social