Dog, Not Diamond Is Her Best Friend

Was Ogden Nash A Sexist? I found out recently that the phrase “dog is a man’s best friend” was popularized by Ogden Nash, an American poet who published work mostly between 1930 and 1970, or thereabouts. Being a poet myself, knowing of Ogden Nash and his work, and having heard that term my whole life, the connection was a delighted surprise for me. I had never really considered where that term came from; I just assumed it was one of those things we do not know the source of. But

Sex Trafficking: Today’s Slavery

Welcome to Wichita, Sex Trafficking Capitol of the US Though I now live in Southeast Kansas where I go to school, I grew up in Overland  Park—a suburb of Kansas City—where, on the surface, the biggest problem faced by the populace is which brand of sparkling water to buy. My family was perfectly middle class, but I went to the “rich kid” high school and lived next to the rich neighborhood. Because of its proximity to the golf course, it was called Nottingham by the Green—we called in Snottingham. Many

9 Things Every Woman Should Do This Fall

For Leaf-Loving Women Though it can be hard to believe now, when even places on the West Coast are experiencing temperatures in the hundreds, cooler weather is just ahead. If you have not started thinking about your Halloween costume, it must be because you have not set foot in a department store recently—they are stocked and ready! With Fall fast approaching, it is not too late to start getting into the Autumn spirit. Here are a few fun things every leaf-loving woman should do this Fall The Fall To Do


5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up

Living Together Means Splitting Everything However we may like to think about it, living with a Significant Other is different from living with a roommate. Oftentimes, roommates are brought together by common denominators, such as being students or working jobs with salaries that prevent them from living alone. With a partner, though, we have (or think we have) more say over how things around the house should go—it is not “your room” and “my room,” “your space” and “my space,” everything is “ours.” Ours. Our couch, our room, our swelling

strong woman

10 Crazy Easy Ways To Wellness

Move That Body For most people, the choice to be healthy and active is harder than copping out and hitting a drive-thru on the way home. After a long day at work, going to the gym can seem incredibly daunting. But in addition to those pivotal choices, there are small, simple choices you may not even realize  you are being presented with throughout the day to improve your wellness. These little things can add up to make a big difference over time. So here are some ways to grab extra

10 Nudges To Get You Motivated To Workout

Don’t Shame, Motivate When it comes to working out, no one knows better than you do how to motivate yourself. Maybe you spread your bikini on the bead and stare wistfully at it while killing yourself on the treadmill. Maybe you turn on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show while frantically doing sit-ups. Or maybe you have found a way to pump yourself up than tearing yourself down? Rather than being motivating, shaming our current bodies while striving for a healthier one is counter-productive. If you want to build good life

In Your 20’s? Here Are 10 Ways To Prep For Menopause Now

Prepping for the Big M I remember sitting in a developmental psychology class in my sophomore year of college and hearing my suspiciously Freudian-looking professor assure us that we were in the prime of our lives-young, healthy, strong, energetic-during our twenties, these things are at their peak. Rather than satisfaction, I felt absolute horror-the twenties were the golden years?! How could it all be downhill after that? It seemed unfair to get only a decade to enjoy only to start falling apart after that. That same year, I was at

The 1 Good Thing From Female Hysteria Diagnosis: Vibrators

Female Hysteria – Ever Heard Of It? Female hysteria is a physical illness dating back to ancient Egypt, and though it has no place in our understanding of female health and wellness today, it remained in the diagnostic manual used for psychologists until the 70s. Viewed as an illness caused by or contributing to sexual malfunction in women, female hysteria was considered by most to be a “woman’s disease” because women were believed to be weaker than men and more susceptible to illness in general. Female hysteria was an especially