Due Diligence: What Is It Spiritually?

Contrary Virtue: In order to understand diligence, it is important to first know that it is a contrary virtue. It is the virtue to use to stave off the sin of Sloth. We all have areas where we are probably more prone to sloth in our lives and it seems like the biggest effort to be diligent instead. I know it is hard but this is one of the Seven Virtues so no one said it would be easy. Diligence is in its nature one of the more tedious of


Working Through Wrath

It Is A Sin When it comes to talking about Wrath, I believe there are many misconceptions. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines Wrath as “1: strong vengeful anger or indignation OR 2: retributory punishment for an offense or a crime: divine chastisement.” It is not just anger nor is it something that should be felt often. Wrath is a word resigned for the strongest of anger and in the worst of circumstances. Yet it is common enough to be included in one of the Seven Deadly Sins. As a person who strongly


Patience Is So Much More

But What Is Patience? When you look up patience in the dictionary, there are a few slight variations on the meaning. And, if you ask different people what they think patience is, I am sure you will get even more. Patience is hard to nail down. As someone who is not naturally patient, I can tell you that I have struggled with the definition for my entire life. As a child, when I was told to be patient, I did what most children do. I was quiet and waited. But


Three Lives Touched By An Angel

Paying Respects Jermaine walked into the large cathedral downtown. As soon as he walked in he saw two familiar but older faces. It had been 15 years since he last set foot in that city but he remembered every street corner and sign that he passed. Nothing had changed there. Lori and Gwendolyn were talking quietly near the front pew and trying to avoid looking at the casket in the front. Their eyes were as bloodshot as his. They had been crying too. And though they were dressed head to


The Teacher Who Is Always There

Best Friends Gwendolyn was waiting for Lori outside their next class. It was biology, which bored her, so she did not mind being late. The teacher, Mr. Thomas, did not care as much about tardiness as Mrs. Wiles did so Gwendolyn would waltz in when she felt like it. She checked her phone, which she had managed to sneak past the metal detectors. There were 11 texts from her ex-boyfriend Rafael. She rolled her eyes and deleted them without even reading them. “Hey, you waited for me?” Lori asked her.


Life’s Classroom: Lori’s Story

Tough Area, Tough Students The bell rang as Lori ran down the hall towards her classroom. She was always late and her first hour teacher hated it. It caused some tension between them at first. Mrs. Wiles was very strict but she had to be in this school. Basically forgotten by the city, Luther High school was run down and filled with the left over inner city kids that no other school would take. It was a tough area with a tough set of students. Lori never really understood why


Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Lost Meaning That word is used a lot on television and in the movies. Maybe it is just me but I believe that the word intimacy has lost its meaning. Now, mainly used as a euphemism for sex, intimacy seems to be sought after for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Some of us have looked for intimacy too quickly from paramours or friends that ended up stabbing us in the back or pushing us away. Some of us are desperate for intimacy yet remain guarded,

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News You Can Really Use

Tune In Okay, here is the deal. I am moving towards my thirties but I am not quite there yet. It is a transitioning period I think, at least it feels that way. I have begun to shed some (not all) of my immature and idealistic traits. My interests are turning, ever so slightly, away from the superficial to the very real. My focus is leaning more towards becoming better on the inside than the outside because I know that these are the things that will really matter to me