real love

Real Love: Myth, Mystery, Magic?

Which Is It? If you have the extra time and want to delve into it, let me tell you in the offing that scientifically, love is just a chemical reaction; it is not what it is painted to be. Real love many often call it but there is no spiritual depth and surging emotions that draw you mystically towards your soul mate. However, disciples of love believe that love is a magical connection between two people. Faithful followers steadfastly proclaim that people were created in soul-pairs or twin flames. And


Death: Does It Make Life Meaningless?

Inevitable Event Life is unpredictable; it can be 4, 54 or 104 years long. But what is the point of having it, if is going to end one day? Death is inevitable. Then why are we constantly in a battle against time to ward it off? Why the medicines, diet regimes, and security from micro bacteria and terrorist attacks? “Till death do us part…” What is the point of love and devotion, of caring and sincerity, of vowing to stay together, when cruel death will ultimately ruin it all? Perhaps,


Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Red, Yellow And Orange Sky My father built a cottage on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by a calm, blue ocean. He made our cottage with wood; brown, teak and heavy. The doors were painted red, the roof was white. On the roof, my father built a nest. It was a sturdy, wooden nest; a lookout, the perfect picnic spot. This was home. This is why I will forever love cottage style homes and want one for myself in the future if I was given the right


Taking Back Our Hidden Paradise

The Greedy It seems like it was just yesterday. The sand on the hidden beach was soft, clean and white; the ocean majestic, powerful and pure.  Wild trees grew wherever they liked and exotic flowers bloomed. And on this – my home – descended a business tycoon. He came, saw and bought. The coral, the sea shells and the lives of the crabs that scuttled across the beach became his. He captured the blue parrots, the yellow songbirds – he bought them all. Hidden Alas! How greedy he was! He

upside down

When My World Is Upside Down

The Mind Is Strange I searched the entire cupboard for my costume; where, oh where was it? Does this ever happen to you? Can you see something in your mind’s eye – but just cannot get the edges of the picture to focus and show you where it hides?  The mind is a strange place, beware! Most of it is upside down; it is exhaustive and vulnerable, stubborn as a mule! Just the other day, I spread jam over my eggs. Why did my mind not jump and scream, and


Enjoy Life, It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

What I Enjoy I enjoy listening to my customers. I see the spark in their eyes as they discuss their dreams, the blush on their cheeks when they talk about their odd colour choices. In between their (endless) lists of requirements I find out about Bobby’s favourite aunt, Jas’s frustration with her husband, and how long Hazel has been waiting for this baby. I enjoy these nuggets of human emotions, the connection between me and a stranger. And I get to work with all their life in my soul; I’m


Simple Pleasures Of Life Are Countless

As Simple As A Smile Most pleasures of life are simple. The smile of a newborn baby, the first snow of  winter and a cup of hot chocolate before bed. Our society is evolving towards minimalism and simplicity in all matters. Our interiors are transforming from heavy, embellished and cluttered designs to favour clean lines and unobstructed spaces. Gadgets are becoming smaller, thinner and lighter; everything has become one-touch, one-click, one motion controlled. The simplicity of the country life has attracted many a millionaire. Cities seem to be an ever-growing,


On My Mind: So Many Things

A House The mind is beautiful; frightening, heart wrenching and pure. It is a house and memories make it a home. Imagination stretches its wings and flies, but always returns home to the mind. The very core, the soul and fibre of our being is in it. A great many fascinations and visualizations dare to trouble the peace of the mind. On my mind are vivid, happy memories, pictures of my dog, to-do lists and Facebook passwords. Hopes, passions and dreams are born in it. Much like wood, it slowly