Meet Claudette

Who Is Claudette P. Esterine?

Thank you for visiting and and even bigger thank you for signing up to being a Subscriber to this blog and the services that I offer.

You may be wonder who is this woman who you have either come upon her blog and gone further and signed up to be a Subscriber. Well, in a short sentence, I am a woman with an interesting past, imagining her future daily with You. 

That is who I am – a living, breathing human-becoming who daily experiences life as a:

  • Mother
  • Grandmother to 1-year-old Kitten
  • Master’s degree holder in International Relations and a second pending in Theological Studies
  • Communications and Marketing professional and lecturer with over 20 years in the field
  • Workshop Presenter and Public Speaker
  • trained Spiritual Counsellor/Chaplain with hospital and prison tenure
  • Writer, Blogger and Content Curator
  • Social Media Aficionada

The Daughters of Sheba Foundation

Five years ago, I brought together a group of “big women,” under the umbrella of a Facebook group – Daughters of Sheba. This branched into a Foundation, solely under my leadership and coördination. The aim is to give support to women and those who love them, wherever they are in the world, through practical, inexpensive and life-changing methods. A blog was the first step and it was hosted for a couple of years elsewhere but has now relocated here.

What Can I Offer You?

The Facebook group furthered my desire to use my training and experience in chaplaincy and spiritual counselling, combined with my natural love of story-telling and talking! These came together into a coaching page on Facebook.

While the group continues, my work and focus are here on you. Though the sharing of my life and my story, my hope is you will find a kindred spirit, one with whom you can relate.

Without the hype, the bells, and the whistles, what you will get from me is practical, down-to-Earth support. No megabuck fees, no religious or fixed spiritual affiliation, simply practical to life support that matches the everyday journey of women around the world who are managing careers, educational upgrading, finances, family, the twisting road of relationships, societal demands – the daily grind that we all face.

Support & Services

I offer a range of support services, delivered virtually, on the telephone, in person and of course through my blog. They include:

  1. One on one practical coaching (through telephone, email, Skype, etc)
  2. Practical Life Re-mapping (virtual or in person)
  3. Online Course (Coming in August 2015)
  4. Newsletter Membership
  5. E-books (coming soon)
  6. Group coaching (in person)
  7. Workshops (in person)
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Who knows, maybe I will be in your town one day – soon. Looking forward to sitting and chatting with you.