Things Happen In Threes Or So They Say

threesThe Threes In Religion

Whether you label them good or bad, things are said to happen in threes. Over the course of my life, even to date, this adage has proven to be correct. Maybe that is merely me waiting for the next shoe to drop each time something momentous occurs?

If you are a Christian, the power of the Trinity will be familiar to you. According to Wikipedia, “many world religions contain triple deities or concepts trinity.” Along with Christianity, this includes:

Trinity Of Everything

Outside of whatever your religious beliefs are, three pops up across our lives. Leonardo da Vinci first comes to mind.

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.” 

In “Rise Up and Salute the Sun,” Suzy Kassem has a powerful quote about threes.

For humanity to co-exist:
Truth, peace and basic needs.
Everything else –
Is irrelevant.”

My favourite is possibly this one.

“Love ~ Truth ~ Freedom 
are three words that mean the same, 
and none may exist without the other present.” Alexia Penteleόn

Reflection On Threes

prisonIt was twelve years ago that I first really pondered the occurrence of things in threes. Shared on my former blog and edited and republishing here today, da Vinci’s words were in my thoughts. Then as now, it is my belief that I am one of those who can see things on my own. When I am unable to, I am ‘wise’ enough to ask to be shown.

At the time when the post was first written, my reflection was about three events that occurred over a weekend. On a Friday, a group of six women, including my daughter, attended a benefit concert. The beneficiary was the Women’s Re-Integration Chaplaincy (WRC) at the Edmonton Institute for Women (EIFW). While it was the fourth annual concert for this non-profit organization, it was unusual that year. The staging was actually “inside,” i.e., in the gymnasium of a women’s prison.

That was not my first visit to EIFW, so I ‘knew’ what to expect. However, some of my friends were not so sure what their reactions might be. My then eighteen-year-old daughter was a bit nervous. It did not take long for all to relax. Then, the EIFW was not the typical prison that you might see on television and that helped. But, it was the energy of the guest performer, Faith Nolan, that also helped them completely relax.

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An Evening ‘Inside’ And More

Faith was the true life of the party, freely mingling with the women incarcerated at EIFW and the guests for the evening. She was a live-wire and you could not help feeling at ease. More important, however, was the response of the women of EIFW to her presence and performance. She easily moved between them and the visitors. It was my sense that this created an atmosphere of oneness. This intention was articulated by the Executive Director of WRC in her brief opening presentation.  She reminded the resident women that all who came (close to 200) were there as they wished to show their support for them.

The second ‘moment’ of note that weekend was a CTV documentary entitled “Broken Promises.” It was pure chance that we saw this documentary. We were waiting for the start of what would be the third ‘moment’ of the weekend, the movie Hotel Rwanda.

If you have never heard of the documentary, “Broken Promises” or the movie Hotel Rwanda, please watch both. I especially invite those who might be thinking of migrating to Canada to watch the documentary. No, my intention is not to discourage anyone from migrating to Canada as that would be disingenuous of me. Even 15 years later and without regret, my experiences confirm much of what the documentary deals with.


Truth, Peace And Basic Needs

If you have not yet seen Hotel Rwanda or have watched it only once, I beg of you to watch it or watch it again!

Like many then, I read the news reports and saw other movies about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. However, watching this particular movie rocked me to the core of my being. Certainly, I was disgusted by the cruelty of Rwandans against Rwandans and the display of greed that those in authority or places of power. My agony was real when I saw the rape and abuse of women. My sense of indignation matched that of Don Cheadle in his role of Paul Rusesabagina, when he found out that the ‘western’ world had abandoned the innocent people of Rwanda.

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The Power Of One

threesWhat was more striking for me though, which is the common theme of the weekend and what connected my trinity of ‘moments’, is the power of one. The threes:

  1. Faith Nolan.
  2. an Edmonton couple who in the documentary said enough to the discriminatory practices that immigrants face in Canada.
  3. Paul Rusesabagina, the Rwandan hotel manager who assisted over 1,000 of his fellow country people from certain murder all modelled for me this weekend the power of one.

How often you and I decide not to take action because we feel that as one person we cannot make a difference? Too often, would be my personal response.

Faith, Paul and that couple in Edmonton it seems had different answers. They must have had the words of Frederick Douglass, the son of a slave and American Abolitionist, firmly in their minds.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

Today’s Narrative

My then partner said to me after watching the CTV documentary that a novel to Mr Douglass’ needs to be written. The suggested title was “The Narrative of the Modern North American Slaves.” I think it has since been written, several versions in fact. Maybe not in novel form. I have read a few pieces on the mass and disproportionate incarceration of black men, Aboriginals and black women in both the USA and Canada.

Observing the machinations in the United States since the election of their new president, the anti-immigration fervour across Europe, the continuing targeting of people in the Western countries by people claiming to be of Islāmic faith – the terrible threes are still at it.

Returning to Suzy Kassem, if things happen in threes that is not only true for the ‘bad.”

“Three things have a limited threshold:
Time, pain, and death.
While truth, love, and knowledge –
Are boundless.”

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Claudette P. Esterine

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