Fake Friends And How To Spot Them

Facebook And Fake Everything

fake newsThis is not the first time that friendship is the topic of conversation here. However, this is the first conversation about fake friends.  With all the talk about “fake news,” we might as well broach the topic.

Facebook is in the news this week – although it seems to always somehow be in it. The much-loved social media platform is accused of harbouring fake news. Whether it knowingly did so is being analysed. There are those, myself included, who would argue that this is nothing new for Facebook.

In as much as people have been posing as “friends,” is as artificial as it can get. Sadly, our favourite book is the originator of the concept of artificial friendships.

Thank You For Being My Friend

Golden Girls was a favourite of mine and so too its theme song.

The advent of Facebook changed the meaning of friends in many ways. Granted it is not totally culpable for everything about superficial friendships that we see today. This started way back when. However, back then, as far as I can recall, not everyone was our “friends.” There were people we genuinely disliked, did not care for some or many things about them and would not be caught dead in their company.

These people were definitely not confidante material. Now, everybody knows our business. That is mostly true of me, truth be told, as it is my tendency to put a lot out there. Yes, I have the explanation that my “mess is my message,” hence the tell-all style of my blog and profiles.

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Even I, however, keep somethings to myself.

Three Types of Fake Friends

fakeOver my years on social media and most certainly over my life, fake friends are many. For the sake of brevity and not to bore you, here are the three most prevalent and most dangerous.

  1. The “I need … .” These are the people, whether in person or through your inbox, who after hello have an “I need …” sentence. Whether that is a favour, for you to do something for them or to borrow money for a few days. The “I need” you fake friends are users. There are not two ways about it.
  2. The ones who are most annoying are the “Drive-by friends. They can be as dangerous as those gangsters in movies who behave similarly armed with a weapon. Their only goal in your life is to drive by your profile, through your life or your business and cause chaos. Worst case, they also cause death to life as you know it. If you are lucky, just destruction. With a smile on their faces, these “friends” are lethal with their opinions, gossip and schemes. They are there to disturb the peace, your peace.
  3. Weasels – these are the ones to avoid like the plague! Remember the nursery rhyme “Pop goes the weasels?” This is exactly what they do. They pop up in your life, usually at your most vulnerable. They feign interest but only long enough to get what they came for. If you get taken in, you will find yourself tapped out and alone.
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Share The Knowledge

I am sure there are more. Share your knowledge and experience with fake friends in the comment section below. We all need to learn how to spot and avoid them. If you are not sure whether you have some in your life, I can help you find them. Check out my services on Fiverr as well as my daily tips on Facebook (the home of many fake friends) as well as Twitter.

Have a blessed week until the next!

Claudette P. Esterine


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6 thoughts on “Fake Friends And How To Spot Them

  1. FAKE does not exist in my life. My personality is 100% not fake, thus I attract other NON-FAKE people because FAKE people can see that I will call them out on their BS if they try anything with me! 😉 That saying: attract what you are is a very trueeeeeeeeeeeee saying!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…HOLY MACKEREL! You’re Going To Need A DRINK For This OneMy Profile

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thanks as always for sharing and the visit, Gigi! 🙂

  2. [ Smiles ] The last thing that anyone needs are fake friends.

    1. Ms Claudette

      That is so true, Renard!

  3. Hmmmm Lots of fake friends on facebook because many aspire to connect with who they think is someone who will help raise their profile as well.

    And we get to hide behind our PCs and create whatever persona we deem fit any day…it can be fun. With that said, when it gets serious I like to know Who ia m talking to!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Indeed there are many fake people on social media – I don’t call them friends. 🙂

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