99 Problems And You Gotta Embrace All Of Them

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Would you believe that my reading of the book, Enthusiasm Makes The Difference, is still in progress? It has been a few weeks now but this time around I am savouring every page of this masterpiece by Norman Vincent Peale. Sitting on the train every morning heading into downtown Edmonton is the only time that I read it.

Being a morning person, that is when information, ideas and inspiration are best understood and discerned by me. So, as my mind mused about what the result of my recent breast examinations and testing could mean for my life, I reached what might be the best section. Problems and how to handle them.

My daughter hated this song after a while. She said it was over played. Yet, every time it plays you will catch me jigging like crazy. Why? Well at first, my thought was about an ex who caused me nothing but problems. Over time though, the beat just holds me.

So Many Problems!

Yet, as I read the last few chapters in Dr. Peale’s book, my appreciation of the problems of life grew. Even the heart breaks and boy oh boy have I had many!

problems“Struggle Is Part Of Nature,” he headlined this remarkable section of the book.

Of course the world is full of trouble, deep, dark, grievous trouble. The world is full of problems, hard knotty problems. This is why so many people enjoy porn to take a break from those hard problems at websites similar to watchmygf.xxx (https://www.watchmygf.xxx/). It always will be so. If any politician or preacher tells you that all problems are going to be eliminated from this world through some panacea, do not fall for it. The constitution of the universe does not support it. The world is made on the basis of struggle; and struggle is inevitably attended by difficulty, often by pain plus hardship. Norman Vincent Peale

Another light bulb came on reading those words. The harshest moments of my life flashed across my mind’s screen and swiftly behind them came the achievements resulting from their being-ness.

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Smile And Keep Moving

Do not get me wrong, those problems were not welcomed in the moments they occurred. Who in their rational mind would want:

  • To come home to see their parent’s house being emptied by bailiff’s?
  • Their genius, or so they thought, start-up business to fail and do so dramatically?
  • A much longed for marriage or relationship ends in domestic abuse or betrayal?
  • To be conned out of every penny they have and be left bankrupt?

Absolutely no one is the correct answer but these “problems” happen every day to many people.

problemsExamining and reflecting on some of the challenges, prefer that word, over my lifetime and even now, Dr. Peale’s point came forcefully to me. I even recall that in one of my relationships, we were at our best as a couple when we had a mountain of challenges to climb over. Ironically, as things began to plateau for us, that was when someone else stepped into our lives and my then partner took off with them. We got comfortable but Life course-corrected me through that experience.

Take Your Problems Apart

Do not misread that headline to mean get into a royal battle with the challenges in your life. What these last many years have taught me, things worth sharing with you as strategies, and funny enough Dr. Peale wrote as much, are these:

  1. Before anything else, take a deep breath and do not panic when a challenge arise.
  2. Do not catastrophize your situation. It is not the end of the world. Words that easily come to me when a challenge looms before me are these: “Be still and Know.”
  3. “Skip the post-mortems.” This is a key strategy Dr. Peale offered. The “why did I’s?” solve nothing.
  4. Clarify what is before you by writing out the situation. Dr. Peale refers to this step as “de-confusing.” Years ago, watching Oprah she used the phrase, “writing clarifies,” and that became my reason for blogging. Writing and specifically writing a new version, a different ending usually opens me up to a solution or an exit from the ‘calamity’.
  5. Last but most important: allow the opening up of the solution through “creative listening.” That looks different for each of us. It might be meditation for you, being in Nature, or simply stroking a pet. Whatever it is: Listen calmly.
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As For My Challenges

Never one to write about anything that I have never experienced or am going through, this is as much for me as it is for you.

Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow. ? Anthony Robbins

At this point along my journey, my breast health challenge is my current challenge/companion. The result of my recent breast examinations and test is that there is a cyst. The substitute doctor that gave me the result said, “It is nothing to worry about,” brushing my question aside as to what is causing the intense burning and pain. My heart is at peace with whatever it really is, however, those most close to me say that I should have at least a second opinion if not actual testing of this cyst. I am listening.

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Until next week,

Claudette P. Esterine









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24 thoughts on “99 Problems And You Gotta Embrace All Of Them

  1. If you don’t embrace your problems, they’re only going to get worse ! And honestly, there is always someone out there who has it worse than you, so really, think about it – how bad are your “problems”?

  2. E H

    I love the way you are describing the problem solving ideas. I use some of these ways to help me deal with a difficult situation, but I suffer from anxiety a lot, so it is not always easy for me to find a solution to my problems, but I always give it a good try! I like to sleep on an issue, and it is always not as bad the next day.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Two things: You are already “winning” as you are willing to give it a try. Secondly, sleep is such a wonderful thing when you are about to be overwhelmed. I too use it to help me start over, start afresh. Thanks for the visit and the very insightful sharing. 🙂

  3. Kim

    I am also a morning person and feel that my mind works best in the morning! I always try to remember that “problems” are temporary and will eventually not be a problem.

    1. Ms Claudette

      My mind totally works best in the morning! 🙂 It is the best that we can do, to remember that this is all temporary, including problems.

  4. what I learned about problems that we worry about is that time heals them and sometimes they just get solved by themselves. So we just have to embrace them and then move on.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Amen Mommy, amen! 🙂

  5. I have eventually learned over the years to just embrace everything. The good, the bad and the ugly. Try to find the moral of everything, learn from it and move on

  6. Love the positivty of this post! Ensure to be humble and even love the imperfections of oneself! Thank you so much for sharing this

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are most welcome Shannon! We are all imperfectly perfect. 🙂

  7. This sounds like a wonderful idea. It is easy to let your problems take over your world. Especially when it is so filled with negativity.

  8. Lia

    I find this way of dealing with issues the best way so far. I’m the type of person that will crush when a problem shows up but after several minutes of feeling like my world is falling apart, I will take a deep breath, embrace it and try to overcome it. Sometimes it’s harder but I feel that it’s so much easier for me to feel overcome by my problem so I can later fix it. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are allowed; we are all allowed to “crush” for a while under the challenge…but catch our breaths we must and keep moving and grow stronger. Thanks for sharing that Lia! 🙂

  9. I definitely agree that you need to get a second opinion. “It’s nothing to worry about” is never the right answer when someone is living with daily pain especially when it’s in such a dangerous area of the body. I’m glad you’re going to move forward with asking for a more thorough look. You remain in my thoughts.

  10. I categorically ask God to give me the fortitude to overcome problems and challenges and to see the Upgrade or breakthrough in each and every one of them. Awesome book share Claudette!

  11. I hadn’t heard of that book before. I will be bookmarking this so I can get it later. I also enjoyed the music video you added in as well.,

  12. I love the concept of “making my mess the message”. We all have such an important story to share and it really does help others understand, survive, and grow from their own challenges. Thank you for that reminder that we are all going through something even if we know nothing about another person’s personal struggles. It’s a shared human condition called living life! Light and love to you while you get through this latest obstacle!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Precisely…”it is called living life!” Thank you very much Jessica and I do hope you are living life. 🙂

  13. I like the second analyzation the best. Not trivializing peoples problems, but even at the the worst of non life threatening problems are surmountable. You will survive to err again. We tend to want to make it into a catastrophe unnecessarily.

  14. maria criselda

    I want this book. I especially love his tips on how to handle and tackle problems. I tend to catastrophize a situation and I always do post mortem. But after wasting so much energy on both, when I do finally decide to move on with an actual solution to the problem at hand, I find that I did over exaggerate a bit. the worrying was worse than the actual problem.

    life without problems is life without learning because learning always happen outside our comfort zone

    1. Ms Claudette

      “Learning always happen outside our comfort zone.” That is one of the most accurate statements that I have heard in the longest while! I am glad that you liked the piece and yes, it is a good book. Let me know if you get it and what you think Maria. 🙂

  15. eazynazy

    Smile and keep moving. yes this is the great way to divert our mind . thanx for sharing 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are most welcome EasyNazy! Keep smiling. 🙂

  16. Great article! I think my favorite part is “allow the opening up of the solution through “creative listening””. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the problem, we forget to open up to ideas, opportunities that come because of the trouble/problem. Great reminder!

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