Looking Out What Do You See?

Moving Day

Several months ago, I decided to move to a new place. I didn’t know where I wanted to move at that point. Would I move far and end up living in one of these new construction homes in Port Moody or would I just find a house down the street from me? It was a big decision. But one that I needed to do. Moving house is a huge commitment after all. Even finding a moving company similar to these New York City Movers and Packers takes time. Besides, when moving you need to know that all of your furniture and belongings are safe. Anyway, my previous suite was a basement one and while grateful for it, both in terms of cost and its size, there were drawbacks. The one that had a direct negative impact was the noise above me. Sitting on my couch and looking out a big window was the other downside.

“Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.” Edith Wharton

My daughter’s announcement that they were moving into a larger townhouse further north in our city, and that they’ve even got their exotic car movers figured out for the swanky new car, that was the push I needed. “I will move too,” was my immediate response, “Need somewhere closer to you all.” Registering on apartment search sites, my “must haves” were (1) top floor and (2) wide windows. I got both. Top floor, wide windows in my bedroom, ones that allow the breeze to caress me awake every morning and lull me to sleep at bedtime. My living room opens to a large patio that I step onto through sliding glass doors.

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I am so happy with my new home. To be honest I had been thinking about moving for some time. My best friend is a property investor so I asked her for plenty of advice about the best ways to navigate the US real estate market in the current climate. I would love to invest in real estate myself one day so I often find myself asking her about how she managed to build a portfolio of properties. It is so important to have a dream after all. My friend was even kind enough to show me this 1031 exchange Guide here. There is so much to think about when investing in real estate, but staying on top of your taxes is fundamental.

Looking Out To The Horizon

I cannot stress how pleased I am with my new home. Up by 4:30 most mornings, you will find me looking out on to the early morning horizon. My view is not particularly scenic but the big blue skies make up for that. With my mug of coffee in hand, I bask in the fresh air wafting in from the large patio windows. I imagine the ocean out there at the edge of the big skies. Being an ‘island girl, this is particularly comforting for me, every morning transporting me to memories of my childhood holidays on the north coast of Jamaica.

lookingLooking out my windows, with the rising of the sun, I ‘see’ the vast potentials my day holds. With the setting of the sun, I behold the promise that tomorrow is an opportunity to love more and stretch further.

“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air,new lights and new truths to enter.” ? Amit Ray

What about you? Do you have a big window or two in your home that you enjoy sitting by and looking through? When you do, what do you see?

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4 thoughts on “Looking Out What Do You See?

  1. Girl I think we are related. When I am searching for an apartment I must have lots of large windows and a patio. I feel claustrophobic just looking at the way some apartments are made. I would have preferred a better view when I look out but I am working on that when I buy the house. A peaceful, serene view when I look out is so important to me.

    1. Ms Claudette

      We know we are related…this is just further confirmation! 🙂 Yes, my home is my sanctuary and my soul must be at peace approaching and in it. 🙂

  2. Let me say, I’m coming to visit. I just won’t be up at 4:30. Lol. My kitchen window view is beautiful trees. As I look out my window of life and a new year of life (its my bday), I realize I need to make changes. Changes of removing toxic, negative and moochers out of my way.

    1. Ms Claudette

      I look forward to your visit and you giving me the details of those changes that you have made. 🙂

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