Enjoy Life, It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

What I Enjoy

I enjoy listening to my customers. I see the spark in their eyes as they discuss their dreams, the blush on their cheeks when they talk about their odd colour choices.

In between their (endless) lists of requirements I find out about Bobby’s favourite aunt, Jas’s frustration with her husband, and how long Hazel has been waiting for this baby.

I enjoy these nuggets of human emotions, the connection between me and a stranger. And I get to work with all their life in my soul; I’m an event organizer, you see. And as I weave and bind a thousand golden flowers around the aisle pillars, I fret – will Liana like them? Do they look exactly like the old, worn wedding photograph of her parents?

Humans And Their Complexities

My day is a collection of snippets, of memories, of moments in which I was part of a stranger’s life. At every event I organize and attend, I enjoy humans and their complexities. The most memorable of all, however, was Julian.

enjoyHe had the brightest eyes of them all, the most exhaustive collection of party ideas. His parents had allocated a great budget for his party, and all his wishes were to be fulfilled, they said. Heads were nodded, hands were shaken. And so I hosted the biggest, grandest, most beautiful party of my career: water slides, circus performances and chocolate fountains.

Is life not all about the little pleasures and the big pleasures and the ordinary pleasures in between? I printed the invitation envelopes, because they all had the same address – SOS Children’s Orphanage.

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Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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24 thoughts on “Enjoy Life, It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

  1. It’s awesome when you actually enjoy what you do and enjoy your customers’ excitement too! I love to bring smiles to peoples faces.

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are so right Ann! It is indeed a joy to be the reason for someone’s smiles. 🙂

  2. I enjoy the simple things in life too…Sitting on a sandy beach watching the waves with my little ones splashing, Eating pop corn while watching a home movie with my little ones, doing cartwheels in the garden with my son…these things are free and priceless

    1. Ms Claudette

      Those are precious moments Julie! 🙂

  3. [ Smiles ] It is nice to know that you you enjoy listening to your customers (Your business would suffer greatly if you didn’t).

    1. :). Yes i do. Being a writer makes me feel “a bit” more responsive. No wonder, every business i do, prosper.

    2. Ms Claudette

      I think Asma would agree with that Renard. 🙂

  4. Lately I’ve been trying to step back and enjoy the simple things. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Wendy recently posted…5 Secrets to Feel Better NowMy Profile

    1. That is just the best way of going about life i believe, “stepping back” is in fact stepping up the quality of life in my humble opinion. Thanks for appreciation.

    2. Ms Claudette

      You are most welcome Wendy! 🙂

  5. The simple pleasures of life hold a lot of value and meaning. Just the happy smile of a child is enough to light up one’s day.

    1. Being a parent, i can relate to the smile of a child. It is magical 🙂

    2. Ms Claudette

      Now we’re talking Vyjay! Nothing like hearing my granddaughter’s voice to brighten my day. 🙂

  6. Humans tend to over complicate a lot of things and trust me I am not going there with any of them. Life is way too short to be going on about things that we can sometimes do nothing about. Stress kills more people than is necessary all because we try to over think things at times. So these days I am squeezing every ounce out of life whether the world likes it or not…LOL

    1. LOL @ squeezing every ounce out of life. Be careful, life can be extremely “nutritious” when squeezed hard enough 🙂

  7. Yet another inspirational post from you. Thanks for sharing
    Momina Arif recently posted…27.11.15.My Profile

    1. Yet another inspiring admiration from you. It drives me 🙂
      Thanks for your generosity

  8. Life is to short for us to take it for granted and not enjoy everything that comes our way. I love listening to stories of people too. Julian and his parents are amazing! I’m sure they made a lot of pchildren happy that day.
    Carol Cassara recently posted…When friendships changeMy Profile

  9. What a cute kid sounds like a fun event you hosted. I can imagine all the joy you brought to the kid’s lives that day. I love your take and views on the world, thanks for sharing!

    1. Ms Claudette

      I am sure that Asma greatly appreciates your comment She Joh! Thanks for the visit! 🙂

      1. your appreciation is valued and a drive. brings a smile to my face

        1. Ms Claudette

          Love you too. 🙂

  10. I cannot blame people who make their lives miserable and complicated I’ve been there too. But I realized, life is beautiful, life is common sense. If you’re not happy then let go, I mean we should enjoy every moment in our lives. And move on from bad and negative people.
    Nicole Escat recently posted…How to give your child a complete nutrients with Nutri 10 Plus Syrup.My Profile

    1. You on the right track, HIGHWAY to happiness. Keep going strong

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