Fitness Goals: Striving Towards Them

The Most Popular Promise

fitnessI know the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. It is also the one that most people give up the quickest. But this past winter I hit my heaviest weight of my life. And I was farthest from my fitness goal. Though I was still working out and eating “healthy-ish” I got to the point where I was uncomfortable in my skin. To get into the best shape possible and be healthy, you may want consider some Fitness Trainers, in order to motivate you in time for the summer. The brutal winter temperatures made going outside torturous most days. For me to say that is alarming because I absolutely love snow and all snow based activities.

However, for four months, I found myself basically secluded in the apartment. And when I am cold, I eat carbs. I love carbs as much as I love snow. It is a problem. So my clothes felt tighter and I felt weaker. And my self-esteem started to plummet. Not because it is tied solely to my appearance but because I did not feel like myself.

Fitness Goals: Definitely Not That

So I want to be clear here. My fitness goal is not to be stick thin or drop 50 pounds in 2 months. I have not and will not go on crazy diets to meet the clichéd fitness resolution. My goal is to be healthy, proud and comfortable in my body. I have long ago accepted that I will always be on the curvy side (which my husband is all for). But I have the wish to be strong, to feel strong. And I love the effort I have to put in to get there. If you are like me and wish to improve what you already have, why not look into a site similar to Wisdoms of Health, who provide readers with the latest news in the world of fitness and health, alongside celebrity workout, diet/meal plans to superhero workout routines and tips for bodybuilders. Everyone likes a bit of help when it comes to self improvement as it can be quite hard doing this alone.

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I love to exercise. I can hear a lot of you groaning and thinking, “No one likes to exercise.” But I promise you I do. I like lifting, I like pushing myself. I love pretty much any outdoor activity and with the beautiful summer we are having, I have taken full advantage. If you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home, and are looking for equipment to buy check out the Best Treadmills in India for some ideas of available models and prices.

I have been a pretty active person since middle school. My genetics, unfortunately, make it difficult for me to shed weight and, even more unfortunate, I was told this often since an early age. As a teenager, I took this as a challenge of something I could overcome with extreme measures. For a few years I cut my calories down to 800 a day, stopping only to switch to a new extreme. Working out like mad. I ran 12 miles a day on top of any other activities I was doing at the time. I did cross-country and track in high school. I became consumed by it. Fortunately, college and graduate school helped me to mellow out a bit. I got to try new activities like belly dancing, ballet and Tae Kwon Do.

Listening To The Body

fitnessThrough trying out these activities, I learned what my body is good at and responds to fitness wise. I also learned that my goal for each workout session needs to be to listen to my body, push it where I can, but really enjoy the process. My husband helped me out a ton by getting me a fitness tracker watch for my birthday. It has helped me see how much I actually do throughout the day and set numerical goals. It is also helping me to celebrate how much I have done. So when I am having trouble to see the results in the mirror, I can look at the charts of each month and see that I have done the work.

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The best example I can think of was earlier this Spring. I used my watch for about four months and working out every day. However, because of the lack of evidence in the mirror, I doubted how much progress I had really made. One gorgeous Saturday, I decided to go for a hike. I wasn’t much of a hiker at all, but my friend is. She is someone that considers hiking a hobby and thoroughly enjoys the experience. I think she may even go on hunting hikes; admittedly, this isn’t my thing, but it sounds interesting! She has all the equipment, including eye protection for shooting and survival knives. Personally, I just wanted to try hiking with no hunting or camping involved. After getting a little lost, I decided to climb up to a road so I could get my bearings. Once I figured out my location, I decided to run back to the car. I did a 90-minute workout that day. That mixture of hiking and running that had my heart pumping the entire time was my turning point. As I ran in the sunlight, I found myself smiling. I felt like a beast. And I felt free.

I am still working on my fitness goals. I hope that I can cut back a little fat here and there. I would like my clothes to fit better of course. But you know how they say that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” Well I argue that feeling skinny would not come close to the feeling I got running down that mountain. So I am going to work until I am proud and then set new healthy goals.

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  1. Great advice! Wish I was up to it.

    1. Ms Claudette

      I totally hear you Sherry! Alexis post is a great encouragement though. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  2. LOVED it GYAL…woot Yes I was starting to wonder. I am as fit as a fiddle exercise daily I can lift weights my hubby cant lift anymore yet I keep beating myself up about my lovely curvy bits…No more of that THANK YOU CLAUDETTE huni you cant imagine hoe much I appreciate this post! xoxo

    1. Ms Claudette

      We are always happy to serve in any way – even only as a reminder! I am sure Alexis is very happy with your feedback. 🙂

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