Promise To Encourage Yourself Today

Challenging As It Is

encourageNew Year’s resolutions are different for everyone. And to be honest, I never really gave mine much thought throughout the year. But this year has been challenging in really good but hard ways. I have made a lot of promises to myself and have done my best to keep them. It has been a challenge to encourage myself. I have been pushing myself to grow more and take more chances. As I mentioned previously, I have been entering writing contests as one of my new years’ goals. I have also been learning Arabic online and doing some major job hunting and career exploring as well as trying to kick my butt back into shape. My job-hunting skills are getting better, I used to only look in one place now I’m looking in a wider range! Most of my looking is online because that is where basically EVERYONE advertises now, sites like LeoList are some that I have checked out, I’m not giving up with anything, I can search for jobs with one hand and lift weights with the other! Though all of these activities are wildly different, they all push me and there are some days when they are easier to do than others.

When I first made these goals, I only thought about what the outcomes could be. And, ever the idealist, I thought about the best possible outcomes. I was going to win a whole bunch of writing contests and get really in shape so my clothes would fit well. I was going to be conversational in Arabic by 2017 so I could speak with my father-in-law. And most importantly, I was going to know what I am going to do with my life and start on that journey.

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What Will Encourage Me?

Well, we are half way through the year and I really wish I had considered the possibility that not all of these roads would be smooth. Unfortunately, I have to report that I have hit minor to major hurdles in each of those areas. I have been working out like a beast and eating healthy but my body is not showing any signs of my efforts. Sometimes looking in the mirror is disheartening. I know what my body is capable of and what I have put it through but no one else will. I get discouraged and what is worse is that my mind tends to feed into that discouragement.

encourageIt is the same with Arabic. I feel this weight of pressure, a pressure that has only been built up by my own mind, and I am not making the strides I want to. As a person who is naturally gifted in languages, this is my Everest and it has, at times, made me double my linguistic abilities. Yet none of this has trumped the dread and anxiety I have caused myself on the hunt for the right career. Sometimes I even get on the verge of tears when I think about how horrible this all could go.

That is why my mid years’ resolution is to encourage myself. I have implemented it starting this week and little by little it is taking the anxiety away. Each time I get discouraged, I have tried to recognize when my brain chips in to make it worse and I pause. I think about my new resolution and decide to be gentle with myself. I know that I am trying my best so that has to be enough. I am really trying to find the right career. And I encourage myself that this season of life, where I am unsure and questioning everything will not last forever. I will find my place.

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Baby Steps – Count Them

I also stop myself when I study Arabic in the morning. I make myself acknowledge the progress I have made. I know the alphabet, I am learning vocabulary and I am taking on one of the hardest languages there is. I use that to encourage myself. And I know I am not alone in the workout stress mess. I know this because two of my best friends are working out like me and eating healthy and they too are experiencing the same problems I am. So right now, my encouragement to myself is seeing what amazing things I can push my body to do and feeding it right. I know that I am healthy and at some point my body will show that on the outside. But I choose to enjoy the journey.

encourageSelf-encouragement is hard for me because I tend to be tough on myself in almost every area. But I am learning. It is part of my journey. And hopefully, it will make me better as a woman and as a human being.

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4 thoughts on “Promise To Encourage Yourself Today

  1. Its essential to love ourselves and know how far we can push ourselves, which is a s far as our mind can conceive and endure. I am glad you are taking baby steps to your goals. And also taking stock! That’s very important! Awesome share Claudette! 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      Yes, our Alexis is doing a fantastic job of moving towards her dreams! Thanks for stopping by Julie.:)

  2. We all need to be kinder to ourselves. This is great!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Absolutely! If we don’t no one else will! Thanks for the visit. 🙂

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