The Secrets That Dog Hair Covers

Long And Flowing

dogYears ago, my then partner bought me a dog as a gift. It was the first time that I was the owner of a “pedigree” dog. There are lots of dogs in Jamaica and most run wild. So when this shitzu-mix was given to me, he thrilled me no end. That feeling heightened after his first grooming and his long hair glistened.

It did not occur to me initially that he might have been quite hot and sweating beneath his coat in the tropical heat. His long hair could have also been hiding some matting that could have caused him some serious problems. I never thought matting could have any negative health implications, but after some research, I discovered it much more of an issue than I first thought. Click here for some information on matting and why groomers may shave your dog – it may be a good idea if you are as naive as I was. After having him for several months, his groomers suggested that we might want to cut his hair during the hottest months to ease any discomfort he might have experienced. She was so right! When we went to pick him up from the ‘salon’, he was prancing and preening as never before. Cool. Comfortable.

Angello was his name. He would later father a son after we migrated to Canada. I named this offspring Marley and he too had long and even more beautiful hair. In the winter, his coat helped to keep him warm but as soon as summer arrived he too was shaved and he was one a happy dog.

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Tuesday Thought About A Dog

Why am I reminiscing about my former pets? Every week in my 5-minute (or less) video that I call Tuesday Thought©, I share with you a Jamaican proverb to illustrate the theme of our conversation. Since the beginning of this month, we have been discussing life challenges of all sorts. As we wrap up this conversation, the last proverb about life challenges is about a dog and his hair:

Dawg a sweat an long hair hide it

What does that mean in English and what is the deeper meaning of this Jamaican proverb? Watch the video for the explanation and my interpretation of it. See how you can apply it to whatever challenges you might be facing:

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Until next week, if you have a dog, take care of him or her as we approach the warmer months. Keep it cool and comfortable.


Claudette P. Esterine

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