Life Challenges And Piglets

It Is Our Duty

challengesParents are the first role models most children have. You are the ones who teach them the language, mannerisms, even their attitudes they learn from you. Your children are gifted, even blessed with more than your looks. We as parents impart our knowledge and understanding of life. You also teach your children how to handle, overcome and use the challenges that they are presented in life.

Now as a grandparent, it has become even more important for me to pass on these lessons to my “Granma tweeheart” (that is the best the little parrot can manage as she repeats every word she hears us say).

Mommy, What Are Challenges?

In a post a few months ago, I shared five life lessons that I would like to pass on to my granddaughter before it is time to leave. Through my examples for whatever time we have together, it is my wish to also pass on ways to her how to overcome some of the challenges that life will present to her.

Every Tuesday, I share a Jamaican proverb or saying with readers that highlights a thought for the week or even the month. For April, we will be talking about the many challenges that we as humans have to get through, over or under. Some see these as obstacles, blockades or mountains, while others see them as opportunities for greater growth.

Watch this Tuesday Thought© and then share with me your thoughts in the comments below. The proverb this week is:

Pig ask ‘im Mumma wha mek har mout’ long so; Mumma sey, ‘No mind pickney, yuh a grow, yuh wi see.’ (Translation: The pig asked his Mother why her mouth was so long; Mother said, ‘Don’t worry child, you are growing, you will see’.)

Have a great rest of the day, challenges and all!

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6 thoughts on “Life Challenges And Piglets

  1. My mom became a 1st time grandmother last June! My sister had a baby. I can only imagine what my sister has asked my mom – that being said, my mom… Didn’t really raise us kids so um, not so sure what advice she’d give! lol… I mean she was constantly working – so hmmmmmm….. Now I am curious! lol

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are so funny GiGi! Maybe you should ask her??? 🙂

  2. Adorable little Tweetheart! I’ve always considered my greatest work to be with the children in my life. My own and any others that come my way. I feel it is my responsibility to share with them everything I have learned and how I learned it. I don’t know how successful I’ve been. But I continue to try . . .
    Diane recently posted…Boot(Root)leggingMy Profile

    1. Ms Claudette

      If your children have a solid foundation and know how to navigate the challenges they meet – whatever the outcome and however long it takes – you did fantastic job! Thanks for dropping by Diane.

  3. OOhhh She is too cute, and is Granma tweetheart’s lil image. We parents have a lot to answer for if Our children dont turn out right by the time they are in their teens . Coz then they start to listen to their peers, what they see on TV, or hear at School. If we give them a strong foundation in the early years we set them to be solid confident self reliant and charismatic people! Not easily picked on and not easily swayed by worldly stuff or seek for love & approval …the main cause of why liluns stray!

    We gotta walk a tight balance between Discipline and Over Punishment. Love and Spoiling, Giving necessities and Over indulgence…We gotta be friends without allowing familiarity to cloud their minds. And above all we gotta encourage them to Dream huge, be creative and Appreciate Life in every way.
    Julie Syl Kalungi recently posted…By: suchiMy Profile

    1. Ms Claudette

      That’s the important “F” word – foundation. That is what is missing in many parent/child relationship today. Parents too busy trying to be friends and not balancing that with the need to help them lay the foundation for their independent living. Thanks Julie for your kind comments about my “Tweetheart.” 🙂

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