Earth Day 2016: What To Do And Wear

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earth day“My first real encounter with Earth Day celebrations was the year after our arrival in Canada. Growing up as I did on the beautiful, luscious and green island of Jamaica, environmental protection was not an issue front and centre of my thoughts. It still is not. Not really.”

That was the opening of my post, published last year on Earth Day. While the environment is not necessarily now “front and centre of my thoughts,” the almost complete collapse of the oil industry here in Alberta has made it a topic for discussion. Every day now when you turn on the television or read a newspaper (which I do not do), you will most likely hear a discussion or a debate how to diversify and revamp the Albertan economy. How do we as a province and economy use this opportunity, and it indeed is, to create an economy that uses less oil and more sunshine, wind and other natural resources to fuel our homes, lives and general way of being?

Earth Day 2016

Next week Friday we will observe another Earth Day and this time maybe more of us, not just in Alberta but across the world, will pay more and direct attention to new ways of being in the world. It is not unthinkable or unimaginable that we could use and extract less of the resources that need us to virtually destroy the environment.

As we here grow in our understanding of the changes needed in the way we live and use what comes natural to us, maintaining the environment while still able to get access to all the things that we have come to enjoy, we thought to share links to some resources to celebrate the day. Also, for the women who are planning to dress in complimentary colours for Earth Day we have another mini-collection to choose from.

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First, here are some resources:

Earth Day Collection

With my new career path, the day job, observing Earth Day and raising awareness among our customers are high on the agenda.  One of the many things we discussed as a team was, along with the displays that we will be mounting, was how we would be dressing particularly what colours to wear. Whenever fashion comes up, I always turn to our Fashion Contributor, Mardene Carr, and she was generous enough to open her virtual wardrobe to me.

Here are some “sets,” as Mardene calls them, under consideration. Which one do you like?

Earth Day 2016 falls on a Friday so some might have a casual dress code at work or taking off for the weekend. I found these three ensembles in Mardene’s wardrobe that will be borrowed. Which is your favourite?

When it comes to accessories, I am such a minimalist! Trying these on for size. What do you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wish to raid Mardene’s wardrobe as well? Open it here! She receives compensation when you get something from her selections.

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Until tomorrow, have fun planning for Earth Day!


Claudette P. Esterine

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2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2016: What To Do And Wear

  1. Mia Ferba

    This is interesting. I am from the US and we don’t celebrate Earth Day as the Canadians do. This makes me think differently. Thank you.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. As I said, I too did not celebrate the day until we migrated to Canada over a decade ago. 🙂

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