The Attack On Breastfeeding

Are We Going Backwards Or What?

In 1977, Sesame Street, a children’s show that is still popular today, featured a segment in which guest star Buffy Sainte-Marie nursed her son and had a conversation about it with one of the show’s characters. According to her, breastfeeding is a way many mothers—not all, but many—feed their babies. She explained the process in a way that was geared for the understanding of children. When she was done, the character Big Bird responded, “That’s nice.”

You can watch the video here:

Only Children Get Breastfeeding?

You might still see something like that on a children’s show today. The content seems appropriate for children—possibly because they are young enough that they witness their own mothers nursing siblings or are, perhaps, still breastfeeding themselves. It is not something that most deem proper for adults. Widespread now is the debate whether it is or should be acceptable to breastfeed in public. The main issue seems that many people are uncomfortable by the practice. They think nursing mothers should take to a bathroom stall or other designated area or “cover up” in the very least.

There are plenty of videos available on the internet, if you are curious, about the way the public reacts when presented with a “breastfeeding” mother. People who would normally stay quiet and respectful to complete strangers, those who would avoid becoming involved in almost every other situation, become aggressively vocal when they see a mother nursing her child in public.

It is as if they consider it their duty as a decent human being to tell her that her behavior is indecent and uncouth. “Disgusting” is a word you hear a lot. And yet I have a hard time coming across any well-formed argument against public nursing.

Stinking Attitudes And Bathroom Stalls

While the only argument against breastfeeding baby in public is that it makes some people uncomfortable, there are a lot better reasons for it—mainly, that it is a natural process used by many in the nurturing of human life. Rather than expecting women to take up coveted bathroom stalls, hunched over on dirty toilet seats on tip-toes to balance their hungry infant, it seems more decent of us as people to support mothers enough to allow them the decency to care for their children in public. There are plenty of ways to breastfeed in a subtle way, not that it should be hidden but simply to make the mothers themselves feel more comfortable, such as wearing nursing tank tops. There are many choices for small or large breasts if you want to try them out, or alternatively you could use a muslin to cover your baby up and give yourself some privacy.

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breastfeedingOur attitude toward mothers in general is often lacking. We expect women back at work as quickly as possible after they have given birth. We judge them for having their nails done instead of spending every penny on something for the baby. We recoil in horror from the wailing baby in the grocery store and mutter under our breaths about the incompetence of the poor, frazzled woman trying to get her shopping done. As far as we know, it is the first time she has left her house in weeks. Life spent raising a new life is extremely difficult, but rather than adopting an “it takes a village” mentality, we expect parents to go it completely alone lest we be even remotely inconvenienced by their children.

The “breastfeeding issue” also shines an unflattering light on the way we value women only as far as their sex appeal goes. As a social experiment, three actors teamed up to gauge the way people would respond to a woman in a very low-cut shirt, flaunting her body, and then to a breastfeeding mother. Then they sat the two women next to one another and confronted those who spoke up with their own hypocrisy. You can watch the video here:

Even when questioned why the model was acceptable and the mother was not, no one had a terribly enlightened response. Generally it was something along the lines of, “well she’s hot and that’s just gross.” I find that answer to be gross. I am disgusted by the fact that there are those who cannot be mature enough to get over their discomfort to support a mother. Why is it difficult for them to allow her to safely feed her child wherever it is convenient for her to do so?

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So while some mothers may choose to use a cover, retreat to the bathroom or make use of any special areas that are cropping up for breastfeeding in some places, the choice is her business and none of ours. If she wants to collapse to a park bench and nurse there, so be it. If she feels more comfortable in private, that is fine, too. The point is that women should not feel corralled to certain areas as if they are being quarantined. What they are doing is something completely harmless and natural and, if fact, the way many of us were fed ourselves.

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11 thoughts on “The Attack On Breastfeeding

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  2. Breastfeeding is as natural as eating, breathing, sleeping. why dont those so called offendeds go live with animals and tell them to cover up as they feed their young aaaaarrrggg it really p’s me off excuse my french Claudette. But all those so and sos secretly crave to breast feed yes they do, so its a crave that makes them lash out at a mom naturally feeding her baby. Shame I breast fed my babies anywhere and everywhere and woe unto anyone who dared…well they didnt lol.

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are excused Julie as you are mirroring my annoyance at this hypocrisy! 🙂

  3. I think this just underlines the attitude of society toward mothering in general. Women have become economic units in society and woe to any who want to break that mould. Stay at home and raise the next generation. I was a stay-at-home mom to six children and I nursed every one of them. Often discretely in public. I never had a single person speak to me and wasn’t aware of oblique looks. But I have heard the stories and support anyone who wants the best for their baby (breastfeeding).
    Diane recently posted…Snow ForecastMy Profile

    1. Ms Claudette

      Whether stay-at-home or career woman and mother, it is a woman’s choice and both are equally valid. Whether that woman and mother decides to breastfeed while out with her baby who is hungry is also her choice. Everything has become so sexualised! SMH. Thanks again Diane. 🙂

  4. I tell you this world is going backwards. Why is it okay for women to show almost their full breast in music videos and all kinds of other scenarios? Yet women who are trying to prevent their child from starving are getting a bad rap. Sometimes I just wish some people would just shut the hell up, because they really need some toilet paper for the mess that comes out of their mouths.

    1. Ms Claudette

      LOL! You nailed it! The real crazy part is that they will see this is progress – that breastfeeding is outdated. 🙁

  5. I always thought there had to be more awareness & thoughtfulness around the issue of public breastfeeding. The mother could be discreet & the public more knowledgeable & accepting of a natural function. For sure, let us not go backwards.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Crazy the level of hypocrisy nowadays – just as shown in the video Katelyn used in this post. It is sexy to post nude selfies but disgraceful to breastfeed your child when and wherever? Nonsense.

  6. I am the mother of 3. I breastfed all three for their first 6 months. I know that this is actually not easy for some mothers. Breastfeeding is a personal decision. I did breastfeed in public when necessary, and had a blanket for that purpose. I realized that not everyone was comfortable, and would often schedule my trips out around their schedule. Luckily I never had any vocal outrage over what I did. I am not sure what I would have done had that happened. I personally am not offended by it, and support a mothers right. Unfortunately many in society do not value the right things. And there are also some creeps out there. So, I personally prefer a quiet area which is less public, but that is my personal opinion. Great post as this is an important issue.

    1. Ms Claudette

      As you said, it should be a matter of personal choice but more so what is in the best interest of the child and mother. Most of us grew up seeing women breastfeeding and never gave it a second thought. Now, celebrities are posting pictures of their naked selves and that is cool? They cry “body shaming” when questioned but say nothing about the shaming of breastfeeding mothers? SMDH

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