How To Use Your Gifts To Thrive Wherever You Are

Inspiring Words

The English language has some words that when pronounced they immediately fill me with a sense of wellness. They inspire me to be more than I am as I enunciate them.

‘Thrive’ is one such word and as I did some dishes earlier, listening to a recording by my spiritual teacher, she used it. My thoughts for today’s post shifted immediately. Neelma Tashfeen wrote a beautiful article on “A Day In The Life of Three Pakistani Women,” that was planned for today. It is what you might call a building block article and a follow-up on her first post on this blog.

Through her rescheduled post, Neelma will introduce you to three women from the distinct groups within the Pakistani society. She names each one, giving us the significance of the particular names, and describes how each pass or toil through a day in her life. From there, in future posts Neelma will continue their stories, taking us with her on a journey through this beautiful and mysterious country that I hope to visit one day soon. Be sure to Subscribe and go on this journey and other journeys with us when Neelma’s article is published as well as that of the other Contributors.

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Happy ThriveDay!

As I am writing this, the connection between hearing the word that triggered this post and Neelma’s future articles became clear. Thriving – that is what we all are called to do in whatever situation or circumstance we were born in, grew up in and are living in. Some see their situation or life even as a struggle, that they were shafted or that they are continually sacrificing.

What if they were to see a deeper meaning in it?

Happy Saturday

It is Saturday and my plans for the day kicked into gear around 6:00 a.m. with my first post on my Facebook page. My apartment is in a bit of a mess, so some time will be spent doing housecleaning, a chore that is not high on my list of favourites.

By afternoon though, more pleasant activities will come up. Yesterday, I made a slight shift in my schedule thinking that my granddaughter, Kitten, would be spending part of Saturday with me. I had my dreadlocks groomed. Just to sidetrack a bit, I asked my interim stylist, as she was twisting the new growth, whether she noticed that an increasing number of “Black” women in North America and the Caribbean are returning to natural hairstyles. She agreed but said that it is not a welcomed movement for her, much preferring when we, women of colour, chemically treat our hair. See, she earns more money with the processed hairstyles as well as the weaves. Now you understand why she is not my regular loctician? She does not earn enough from me!

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Focus And Thrive!

Yet, that is how she thrives and that is what each of us will or need to do. Create your niche wherever you find yourself and focus. Never mind whether anyone likes or supports your way of “thriving.” This stylist has determined that in a flat market for black hairstylists here in Edmonton, Alberta, she needs to target the women who still want chemically processed hair and weave. That for her is the way to make the most of her talent and earn the levels of income she needs to thrive and move to the next level (she wants to upgrade her business and her home).

shopping mall
Saturday Shopping

Back to my To Do list for this beautiful Saturday. Grocery shopping is on my itinerary. Have to stock up on some basic items that I love having in my pantry. I have relished the thought of some fresh farm eggs so will do a quick stop at one of the Farmer’s market and then pop into a Caribbean food store for a few produce from Jamaica.

My last stop before returning home to start an evening of solitary entertainment that I am so looking forward to, will be at the Dollarama where nothing really goes for a dollar anymore. One of my team members brought in a lovely tree lamp that he paid C$1.25 for and I want to get a couple to put in my hallway that can be a bit dark for a sleepy 50-year-old needing to use the facilities in the middle of the night.

What does any of this have to do with spiritual teaching about thriving? Everything.

Judge Not…

In my early morning check of my emails, inbox messages on Google+ and Twitter, I noticed another blogger taking fellow bloggers to task about their decision to write articles on how to reuse feminine hygiene products. While she said that she was not judging, she was in my opinion and that struck me as more disturbing than bloggers choosing to accept the offer to use their creativity and accept the challenge to write on this topic.

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Feminine hygiene

Would I? No but not because I am “above” writing such pieces or my politics on women’s issues put me above doing that. It most certainly is not that I have no use for the cash.

“Mastery is the breeding ground of fresh, creative passion.” ? Mollie Marti

It is simply this – it is not my niche and so I would not take it on. Further, that is not how I thrive. My idea for the rest of my life might very well include writing sponsored articles. I am open to writing for companies that offer products and services, or support issues that align with my beliefs about the status of women around the world. That is my way.

I am not the blogger police so will not be judging or insisting that others do what I do. To each his or her own – according to their vision for their lives, their families, their careers and their blogs. We all will and must find ways to thrive right where we are and if that means writing blogs on how to make doormats out of tampons or continuing to chemically treat women’s hair who ask for this service – then go for it!

That being said, there are other elements of writing that I would love to explore in the future. For example, I have always wanted to publish a novel. Knowing where to get started can be difficult though. A friend of mine recently showed me this sample query letter that can be used as a template to get in touch with a literary agent. Above all, a lot of aspiring writers find that a literary agent can help them to make progress with regards to getting a novel published. Watch this space.

What do you think? How are you thriving? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below and do check out our Weekly Roundup of the most read posts of this week.

Have a whopping awesome Saturday! Go Thrive!

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10 thoughts on “How To Use Your Gifts To Thrive Wherever You Are

  1. one of my gifts is patience and my patience has certainly helped me thrive in work situations

    1. Ms Claudette

      That is super wonderful! It most certainly helps to be patient, particularly in those situations. Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

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  5. victoria

    Honestly i have never heard the word thriving but i learned in your post. I’m having a great saturday too with my family is it thriving?

    1. Ms Claudette

      It most certainly is! Glad that you had a great day! 🙂

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  7. I’m having such a great Saturday. I guess I am thriving!!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Yes!!! 🙂

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