Fall Shopping And The Perfect Guy: A Tale Of Frustration

Getting Ready For Fall

When was the last time you took a day off for no reason other than to hang out with a friend or family member?

On Wednesday, my daughter and I were talking about the coming of Fall and what is missing from our respective wardrobes to meet the season. As previously shared, clothes shopping is not a favourite activity of mine and when done, it is at the last-minute, when there is no denying that either I will go naked or go get some new clothes.

We are not at the naked or shop point yet so that partly explains my nonchalance as we set out yesterday. I tried a couple of distractions but my daughter was not playing – she was serious about getting her wardrobe in order. She indulged me for all of 15 minutes, going along for the ride to the car dealership where I purchased my current vehicle. My salesman was not in so that killed the moment as the one there was new to the company and clearly to the art of selling cars. My daughter barely listened to what he was saying, granted we both got excited about a BMW X6. She finally really got interested in an Acura SUV, which was going for a great price, in great condition and the size is right for the stroller and all the fan-dangles she has to travel around with due to my granddaughter.

Clothes Shopping For Those Who Hate It

And off we went…

Off we went from there as the newbie salesman was unable to answer our questions and my daughter’s impatience to hit the clothing stores was palpable.

We spent close to an hour or just over in what has become one of my favourite clothing stores. At the particular location, I have always had success dashing in, grabbing a couple tops, a pants and out. Yesterday was not one of those days.

First, my daughter was browsing, checking every row and piling stuff into her shopping cart. Me? I quickly found four items and was on Facebook while I waited for her to go to the fitting rooms. That is the part that truly irks me – taking off my clothes and fitting garments that looked better on the racks than they do on me. Truly that is a large part of my hatred for clothes shopping!

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After deciding on a maxi skirt and complimenting top – which I decided will be my look this Fall – I squeezed myself into my daughter’s booth and watched and gave my opinions about her selections. She was not too happy with me as not many of them got my endorsement. We left with two outfits between us and a commitment to find more at the mall – after the movie.

Finding The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy (Photo source: Nollywood Access)

That was the highlight of the day, the movie. Earlier in the morning, my daughter called me to ask whether I wanted to add “The Perfect Guy” to our itinerary. Of course I agreed as which single woman would not want to do that?

Turns out she meant the movie but that was just as agreeable as after seeing the previews, I unsuccessfully tried pinning it to my “Movies That I Want To See,” board on Pinterest.

Movie reviews is not my thing and so I will try not to bore you. My only comment will be this, what this movie clearly illustrates is this, “Be careful what you wish for… .”

Fear-mongering is not my style and that is not the intent. Rather, as we sat in an almost empty cinema in the early afternoon, my daughter and I had so many solid pieces of advice for leading lady, Sanaa Lathan, as she entered into a hot and steamy relationship in a similarly  steaming and seedy washroom with heartthrob Michael Ealy, For the duration of the movie and as we walked into the shopping area of the mall, we were dispensing advice to single women looking for love.

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Dating Tip of the Day

shopping trip
Mother and daughter fooling around

If you have single friends or you are single looking for the perfect guy, go watch this movie. Take mental notes and check the actions of Lathan against your own as you venture out on the dating scene. One of the first things that we agreed on that single women looking for love ought to do is always, always know where their potential “love” lives.

Pick him up for one of your early dates, invite yourself in and have a look around. This is something that I always do and turns out my daughter followed suit and did as well with the father of her child when they started dating a few years ago.

Girls day out did not end on a very happy note not because of the guy but our shopping expedition did not turn up anyfurther golden finds. We went into a few more stores but my boredom with clothes shopping became clear and my daughter was no longer willing to be around a “spoil sport” so we parted ways after a quick stop to one of my now favourite fresh fruit and vegetable stores here in Edmonton.

Nevertheless, it was a great day of mother/daughter bonding. We laughed lots and had fun, although not much clothing was bought. The evening ended for me with my first Blab conversation with an interesting man. Watch:

When was your last day off? What did you do and who did you spend it with? Share your favourite place to shop for clothes or the latest movie you watched or intend to see in the comments below and do enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Fall Shopping And The Perfect Guy: A Tale Of Frustration

  1. i haven’t heard of The Perfect Guy. I’ll have to check that movie out

    1. Ms Claudette

      It was very good – and quite eye-opening.

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  4. Great story I really enjoyed reading it! Honestly I HATE trying on clothing! I wrote a blog post about this myself – how cruel the lightning and mirrors are! Granted my post was about more than just that but I am with you friend!
    I am also with you about fear mongering but honesty is some people need it to use common sense lol.
    Your daughter would love shopping with my daughter!
    I think you will look amazing in a maxi!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Most people aside from you and I would love to go shopping with our daughters! LOL. Would love to read your post on the subject.

  5. Beverly Martin

    The moral of the story is; enjoy the moments with whomever you choose to spend time with. Don’t focus on the things that may not be going right at the event.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Such true words Mrs. Martin!!! 🙂

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