Women Empowerment: The Cha-Cha-Cha

The Movements

Regular readers know that this blog focuses on women’s empowerment, discussing issues that affect the lives of women all over the world. By extension, we highlight the living conditions of the people who love the women who we turn the spotlight on, primarily their children and their relationships partners whatever the marital status.

A few of the Contributors, women and men, might be active participants in the feminist movement. Active would not describe the involvement of others; sympathetic might be a better word. Then there is me – who no longer marches the streets, burn a bra or two or make phone calls to radio shows to have my voice heard. Instead, my activism is through my writing and the private support offered to women.

Women Supporting Women

Sometimes it is not very private – such as on Sunday when I hosted my first webinar on “A Practical Spirituality for the Busy Woman.”  As with all firsts, there were some glitches but we made our way through and had a very interactive conversation on several issues affecting women and how a more practical approach to spirituality might support her integrating her “Be-ing” in our world.

young women
A Practical Spirituality for Young Women

Coming out of that conversation, I almost immediately created a second webinar for women, this time for young women – those under 35 years of age – who are living through the daily grind. [tweetthis]Check out this webinar for women under 30 and register today![/tweetthis]

The feminist movement remains alive and well enough, however, it has lost its radical appeal to many Millennial women who have more nuanced issues that they are living through. No longer is the “struggle” in developed countries – another term that I am not totally comfortable with – about the vote, birth control and abortion, at least not anywhere as intense as it was 40+ years ago.

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The Cha-Cha-Cha

Today, what we are experiencing is more of a cha-cha-cha when it comes to women’s empowerment.

One step – women vying for political leadership, even the presidency of a nation such as the United States. In another step, they continue to be targets of rape and violence in combat zones and in their homes. Forward-thinking male leaders are making legislative changes to support the empowerment of women in smooth glides, while women in some places are making remarks that pushes the gains just a bit backward.

In the middle of this, there are women – some Millennial women – who are making their way and their mark, speaking out and up for women’s empowerment in this emerging world. Take a look at the following articles and see how this dance is going:

Coming Tomorrow…

Neelma Tashfeen

As for us, we will continue to do our part, presenting stories and starting conversations that move the issues forward, one woman at a time. We continue our dance with the Neelma Tashfeen joining our Contributors, presenting her first article on “Wellness And The Women of Pakistan.” Be sure to Subscribe and receive updates of her post and that of all the other Contributors.

Fall is almost upon us and it is time to make good on your plans – the outstanding ones – that you made at the beginning of 2015. September starts tomorrow and that gives you four months to move into your decisions! We are more than happy to walk with you, support you where and if we can. Join one of my webinars, subscribe to this blog, follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook to keep connected and get our tips for living a successful life – as you define it.

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Until our afternoon post – “Before I Die: Five Things I Will Teach My Granddaughter” take care!


wayne dyer
The late Dr. Wayne Dyer, R.I.P.

News broke yesterday evening of the passing of Dr. Wayne Dyer. It is not my style to do this but as the late Dr. Dyer was one of the many teachers who reached out his hand, indirectly, and helped to pull me out of a very dark place, my prayer is that may the peace that passeth all understanding be with his family as they celebrate his living.

Dr. Dyer, wherever and however you are manifesting now – thank you. Thank you for the hand and thank you for the love you showered on our world.

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5 thoughts on “Women Empowerment: The Cha-Cha-Cha

  1. eliz frank

    The women’s movement is alive and well in its many configurations. We need more millennial women to educate themselves on what it’s all about.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Many of them are in fact aware of what is is, however, they choose to do the work in ways different from us. We have to respect that – us “older” ones. Namaste.

  2. It is sad that in some parts of the world women are treated bad, like objects I can say…you have strong and great opinions on women empowerment around the world. I liked the video also.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thank you Sinziana! Yes, it is a sad reality 🙁

  3. […] or future granddaughters in the comment section below. Did you read our morning post on “Women Empowerment: The Cha-Cha-Cha?” As well, Subscribe and maybe 20 years from now, your granddaughter will receive updates from […]

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