Why Is Women Bashing On The Rise?

Did Hillary Clinton Cause This?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed an uptick in the movement, let us call it that, to limit women’s rights? Does that have anything to do with the election machinery in the United States that is well-oiled and running, ready to get a new President in office next year?

Is this a renewed effort to chase us back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant as Hillary Clinton seeks to blow the roof off and become the first female President of the USA?

Women And Politicians In A Tug-of-War

There is a saying that it gets worse before it gets better – is that what we are witnessing, a worsening of the political tone about women, our bodies and our right to be?

Get back here woman!

It seems to be everywhere – in mainstream media, on social media platforms, coming from pulpits, even in community settings, workplaces and homes. Open your newspaper, whether paper or online, and there will be at least one headline report that relates to denigrating of women, objectifying women’s bodies, instructing women what is right or wrong about raising their babies, including breastfeeding them publicly when they are hungry and the list goes on.

The other day, I was shocked at how quickly Serena Williams’ tremendous achievement at winning her sixth Wimbledon title was turned into a conversation about her physical features. “She looks like a man,’ some argued and accredited that for her extraordinary achievement. Basically, women are not good enough on their own to be that successful in sports?

Women Bashing In Today’s News

Opened my alerts this morning to find these stories that led me to this question:

  • Bic Issues Apology for “Think Like A Man” Women’s Day Post:

Sunday, August 9, was celebrated as Women’s Day in South Africa. It is “a public holiday that pays homage to the women of our nation; – the mothers, the wives, the sisters and the daughters who fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the Apartheid government.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The good fellows at Bic decided to use that moment to advice women to “look like girls, act like a lady and think like a man.” Let me be the first to admit that Steve Harvey’s book with a similar title greatly assisted me with my intimate relating with men. However, not because I started “thinking like a man,” in the sense that Bic seemed to be encouraging but because I spent the time to ask of them what their real thoughts were about “us,” and how to do our relationship.

Think like a man
Think like a man

Bic rolled out its message on Facebook and the almost immediate responses were negative. This one resonated with me, from a Jes Graham:

Why am I expected to look like a child? Why am I expected to see the world through a masculine lens? Why am I expected to ‘think like a man’ but not expected to act ‘like a man’ on my so-called manly thoughts? There are so many different ways Bic could’ve celebrated women that don’t try and dictate how women must live their lives. I’m disappointed.

Read some other comments here as well as Bic’s first and follow-up apologies here and share your thoughts on this issue of telling women that unless we are “manly” we will not win Wimbledon titles or achieve what we really want.

  • The Abortion Debate And Drama Rolls On
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One of the most contentious issues related to women’s bodies, their mental and physical health and pregnancies is abortion. The debate over when life really started has been going on for ages and the labelling of women and the medical professionals who support their decision to have an abortion as murderers continues. It has been a graphic fight and these past few months it has stepped up with the advances in technology and all.

No to Abortions, period!
No to Abortions, period!

Again in the heating up of this election campaign, women and our bodies are on the front burners, disguised as an issue with funding the US organisation Planned Parenthood. All things are not equal, so I really hesitate to make this comparison but abortion, in some shape or form, has been around since the beginning of time, just as we have had human beings of different skin colours and homosexual human beings. Yet, we fight on until this day about women’s, people’s of colour and LGBT people’s right to be, think for themselves and act according to their personal values.

Your value is not mine. My way is not yours. A man’s decision to have a vasectomy is his to make, whether that eliminates the possibility of him impregnating the woman he has “lawfully agreed” to marry. A woman’s decision to have a most painful in every sense of the word procedure – abortion – really is hers to make. Both will give account to their Maker – if that time comes. As is so aptly outlined in this article on Huffington Post, no amount of vivid and grotesque images will stop women from doing what is in their best interest when faced with a pregnancy that:

  1. Places her life at risk
  2. Is as a result of rape
  3. The fetus is determined to be ‘not viable’

or an other reasons along those lines.

Again my view on abortion is nuanced. I am pro-abortion but within reason and that simple reason is: Abortions are not a method of birth control or a contraceptive! Women and men must take responsibility and prevent pregnancy if it is their wish not to have child, at least not yet. Abortions, again in my view, are a  last resort – not for any religious reasons but having been there, for health reasons. Too many or with the untrained “doctor” and a woman will live to regret her decisions to have it. Read the full article here and share your thoughts with me. Let me just ask that we keep the conversation civil as I know we can get all riled up on this issue. Thank you.

  • Women Need More
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Finally, this one could be really funny if it did have a certain suggestion – that women cannot do it like men.

Over in Germany, a most beautiful country and one that I visited very often in my University years back in the 1980’s, they have taken this women thing to another level – a wider one. Well, as you read the report, you will see that not just Germany but other countries including China,

Women’s-only car parks exist in quite a lot of other nations, including Austria, Switzerland, and China. In northern China, a shopping mall inaugurated parking spaces last year that were about one foot wider than normal ones, and painted in pink. According to news agency AFP, a spokesperson for the shopping mall defended the decision back then, saying: “The fact that our women’s parking spaces are wider is simply due to practical reasons and shouldn’t imply that women are worse at driving than men.”

In Germany, a similar debate has been going on for more than 20 years, but there seems to be no conclusion in sight. Last week, German news site The Local picked up the controversy, for instance, and asked its readers: “‘Women-only’ parking: sensible or Sexist?”

Read the full story here and weigh in on this discussion by taking part in this poll:

Are Women Worse Drivers Than Men?

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Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World
Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World

Have a great Hump Day! Catch you this afternoon for our featured post. We will wrap up on discussion on teaching children boundaries and respecting our own. In case you missed the earlier posts on this, check Alexis parenting article earlier this week and mine on creating boundaries with sympathy addicts, as well as another about David Beckham and his wife’s parenting skills being questioned.

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4 thoughts on “Why Is Women Bashing On The Rise?

  1. eliz frank

    Phew! You covered a lot of topics but, that video of the parking lot got me laughing. Female bashing is as old as sin. We fight back, we use our wallet to punish, and then we get back to what matters most to us… our families and our goals! 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      Tes, we do cover a lot here – we are storytellers 🙂 I personally have stopped fighting and just speak my truth whenever I am so moved. Much love and blessings to you and your family! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Goodness, there’s a LOT I can say on this topic. “Overall”, I think there is no more women-bashing than there has been through the years. But it’s definitely not any less noticeable these days. I think as long as women are speaking out and functioning in places of authority, we will deal with these issues. Part of the journey!

    1. Ms Claudette

      I take it you mean due to the widespread access to news, etc we know more about the now than ever before? You might have a very valid point there, one that I would not argue. However, there does seem to be a “season,” the silly season when the political rivalry and competition puts us in line for more control? No? 🙂

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