Who Else Wants To End The Rape Culture?

Moving Forward

A few weeks ago, discussing ideas for future posts with the Contributors to this blog, I mentioned to Robert Turner, one of two male members of this blog team that I would like to move a story forward. This is a phrase from my past – maybe it is still being used in newsrooms today – which means to review an older story or a previously published one for new insights, leads and/or perspectives since it was last in the news.

While this is clearly not a newsroom or news magazine, we do “cover” stories here in our own style. They may not be the headline catching ones and we are not in the business of crafting headlines to sell this blog or any product. What we do here is to share human interest, real life stories and discuss issues that affect the daily lives of women all over the world and those who love them.

At Issue – Women Empowerment

Several women has alleged that Bill Cosby raped them

The empowerment of women and girls are central to our conversations, even when the topic is relationship – which it is today. Recently, I wrote an article about Camille Cosby’s defense of her husband’s alleged rape of several, maybe many would be more accurate, women. It was a scathing commentary and one that I stand by – as Camille continues to stand by her man. This is one of the “stories” that I wanted to move forward – not in an investigative way or to keep churning and questioning whether the Cosbys are hypocrites but to get a man’s perspective on women who stand by them when their missteps or misdeeds become public.

Maybe he misunderstood me or it was deliberate but Robert wrote something different and truly moved this matter forward! His article will be published as our afternoon featured post and I invite you to subscribe to receive update of its posting and that of our other contributors as well.

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Women empowerment is an issue dear to my heart, having been the (informal) student of a man who lead a nation of young women into the idea that we are worthy – as people of colour and as women. The late Prime Minister of Jamaica, The Right Honourable Michael Manley, will always be a hero to me in that regard despite his personal missteps when it comes to relationships – having marry a few times himself. One of the many lessons I got from him was that my body and my mind are mine to take charge of and no man had the right to overpower or control either.

A Woman’s Body Is Under Her Control – Always

He taught and pioneered in the 1970’s, on my island home of Jamaica, the messages of equal rights and equal pay for women and that message sunk into my consciousness ever since. Jamaican women were put on the path to empowerment by Michael Manley and as I look around the world today, I see women in other countries of similar economic stature as my country of origin now challenging the system for their right to be. Take India as an example.

Indian woman
The beauty of India

This morning, I opened my alerts to a story of a woman bucking the system and the rape culture of some men of India – Leslee Udwin, Israeli by birth, actress, producer and British filmmaker. Udwin is the producer of the documentary India’s Daughter that tells the story of Jyoti Singh Pandey who, in 2012, was beaten and gang raped in a private bus in Delhi, India. The interview is a very interesting read and covers her understanding of women empowerment – the current status, progress or lack thereof. Check it out here and share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.

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Sex, rape and women/girl empowerment are so intertwined and at its crux is control. Another article that caught my attention this morning was one about an US female politician that I increasingly admire for her fearless stance for women – Senator Claire McCaskill. She was so taken aback by a proposal to institute a dress code for interns working in Statehouse, Kansas that she made her opinion very clear about “skirting accountability,” by the men of the House who cannot keep their pants zippered – my word. Read the letter here and do add your views on this to your comments below.

Standing With Women

Contributor, Claudette P. Esterine
Robert Turner

What does sex and rape (alleged or otherwise) have to do with Robert’s article? Well, it is the general conversation about mutual respect between men and women, living and working together as equals for the common good than for power, control and domination one over the other.

Many misunderstand conversations like this to mean that all women want to bust men’s nuts. No, I most certainly do not and that is why Robert’s piece was surprising and very insightful for me.

Hope it will be for you as well. Catch you later and by the way, have you signed up for my FREE webinar yet? “A Practical Spirituality For The Busy Woman,” is a class is “for the woman too busy raising her children, carpooling, maintaining her home, being mate to a partner she loves dearly and being the best employee she can be trying to climb the ladder to her next promotion.” If you are this woman, the one wanting to do all these things but still yearning for that deeper connection with Spirit without having to stop dead in your tracks every Saturday or Sunday to attend a temple, church or sanctuary then sign-up today!

Have a great Hump Day.


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2 thoughts on “Who Else Wants To End The Rape Culture?

  1. eliz frank

    I’ll check out Robert’s post to read his sympathetic male perspective on the matter. We need more men speaking out globally. Rape is an act of violence, and there can never be any justification for it.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Robert didn’t speak to rape but to gender equality and relationships. However, given his approach and take to most topics so far, I think we could count him in as one of the men who want this violence to end!

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