Today’s Wellness: All Things Summer

summerSummer’s End Is Near

Continuing our series on successful parenting, Contributor Alexis Ali will later this afternoon post Part Two of her story on telling children “No.” In the meanwhile, let us have a look at a couple of things this Wellness Tuesday.

Summer is coming to an end. Someone pointed out to me this past week that the leaves here have already started to change colour. Frankly, I had not noticed as my tendency is to just take the seasons as they come and dress as appropriately as possible.

Summer Drinks And Wellness

Alberta, Canada is RV country!
Alberta, Canada is RV country!

A popular summer activity here in Alberta, Canada – does not seem to be a big one in Toronto where I lived for a couple of years – is camping, RVing and outdoor barbeques. Over my almost 13 years of living here, I have camped a few times and haven’t been a fan. A former co-worker was a camping fanatic and owned so much gear for it. She owned an RV she used every month, a portable washing machine for when they went on longer trips, a satellite phone for when they went places without any connection, the list goes on! She would often invite me to go with her and her family on weekend RVing trips and I usually turned down the invite – not because of my bad experience camping, after all what she was proposing would have been more comfortable.

My reason for declining the invitation was that I hardly drink. Every Monday after one of these trips, my colleague would regale us with stories of their epic drinking and drunken activities around the fire/BBQ pit. Nothing about the scenario enticed me to accept the invitations. My drinking is limited to one glass of wine – and if you want to know my favourite it is Zinfandel – or a half glass of Bailey’s Rum Cream. This measure about guarantees my sobriety and, according to this very interesting clip from a radio progamme, it also keeps my waistline from expanding any further.

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Skip over the first bit – unless you want to hear about the current political comedy starring Donald Trump, to about the 10:00 minute mark in this clip to hear how much calories a piΓ±a colada has and the effect on your wellness:

New Age Lifestyle Disorders

Did you know that there are New Age Lifestyle disorders? Yes, there are and reading through this list of five such disorders it made perfect sense that as we have evolved technologically, our bodies are impacted by the new way of working.

Lifestyle diseases are on an all-time high, especially when it comes to those in the corporate rat race. A techno-laid lifestyle in addition to occupational habits can push an individual’s health to the brink. While obesity and stress are the most common lifestyle disorders that already exist, there is a new crop of disorders that are becoming prevalent in today’s society.

Technologies affecting our Wellness
Technologies affecting our Wellness

On this list are some that you might have heard about but did you know about “sleep syncope?” Read more about it and the others here and leave a comment below whether you have noticed any of them in your body.

Parenting in a New Age

Speaking of parenting, boundaries and even our advances as a society, what do you think about David Beckham’s response to the media critics who had much to say about his parenting skill?

Apparently, Beckham’s four-year old daughter, Harper, was photographed sucking on a pacifier. The response to this was that the parents, in this case Beckham and his wife, are putting the child’s wellbeing at risk. According to the report in the US Weekly, Beckham is reported as saying:

Why do people feel they have the right to criticize a parent about their own children without having any facts ?? Everybody who has children knows that when they aren’t feeling well or have a fever you do what comforts them best and most of the time it’s a pacifier so those who criticize think twice about what you say about other people’s children because actually you have no right to criticize me as a parent… (Read More Here)

Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World
Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World

That is it for this morning. Subscribe and connect with us for our daily posts – we have two most days. We look forward to you being a part of our community and conversation. If you would like to explore further a practical spiritual path but not interested in rituals, chanting and ancient texts, why not join my upcoming course on a “Practical Spirituality in a Fundamentalist World?” The course begins on August 16, 2015 and subscribers to this blog will receive a 50% discount when you sign up here.

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Be blessed and be a blessing today!


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28 thoughts on “Today’s Wellness: All Things Summer

  1. I hate judgy parents. I think for some things it is best to mind your own business.

    1. Ms Claudette

      We are all agreed there. If a child is totally misbehaving and causing me disruption, I will ask the parent please to speak with the child but if it doesn’t affect my life or the price of gas – why butt in?

  2. Camping is a great activity! I’m not much of a drinker though I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Maybe I went camping with the wrong crowd???? πŸ™‚

  3. cramos13

    I’ve never been camping before but it sounds like fun. I’m not much of a drinker either…I enjoy an occasional glass of wine but that’s it. I guess my camping trip will be more of a relaxing one to have some peace and quiet. πŸ™‚

    As far as other judging other parents…I don’t get it. I agree with Rose, folks should just MYOB and worry about theirs. πŸ™‚

    1. Ms Claudette

      I think we all agree with and love Rose’ MYOB acronym! Not so long ago, I mentioned elsewhere that the only camping that I like is 5-star camping – a comfy hotel bed on a beach! Not my style this camping thing – not for the drinks or the bugs! Have a great evening and thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚

  4. Rose

    I think it’s silly to judge too. A pacifier is not causing anyone harm, and myob is my motto.

    1. Ms Claudette

      I would add a letter to your MYOB! LOL. Thanks for you comment Rose. πŸ™‚

  5. I completely agree with the Beckams. People need to stop judging other parenting skills until they’ve walked in their shoes. It’s hard to raise a child, especially with everyone giving their unsolicited opinions.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Agree with you! You can say what you did, how you raised your child and what your experiences are but never push that as the remedy for everyone else. Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

  6. Elizabeth O.

    Raising twins definitely came with people questioning my methods as a parent. I learned to shut those people out so as to not affect the way I bring up my kids.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Amen! Can you imagine having to handle the cries of two babies and listen to those of these know it alls? Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t know think that the Beckhams are putting their child at risk with a pacifier. My niece found comfort with hers until she was 6. She is almost 18 now and she’s alright and healthy. Instead of judging each other, it would be better if we help each other instead.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Of course they are not and your niece is living proof of that! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  8. I never much cared about anyone who said anything about my kids having a bottle too long or anything else. Even as a very young parent I was not uptight with timetables. I used to say no one will know when my daughter graduates graduate school how long she had a bottle. You know what she did that last year and not one person asked how long she had a bottle. I was amazed!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Exactly! People get too uptight about too many unnecessary tings, especially those who position themselves as experts!

  9. I can’t believe the Beckams were being seen as putting her at risk at all – I know plenty of happy and healthy 8 year olds who sucked their binkys until they were 5 or so!

    1. Ms Claudette

      I never knew that is what pacifiers were called – binkies – until my granddaughter and friends commented on hers. She really loves that thing and my daughter has been threatening to take it away due to societal opinion. My take – leave her with it, she will remove it when she is satisfied. Think that is the Beckham’s position as well as the parents of the children that you know. Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚

  10. Some parents judge to much and other parents are way too defensive, if someone gives you advice then listen; you might actually find that it can be helpful.

    1. Ms Claudette

      You are right – people exist at both extremes, very few walking the middle ground. Listening is important but deciding what’s best for you and your family is all that matters. Namaste. πŸ™‚

  11. The one disorder I had heard of is with the neck because we bend over to look at our phones all the time now.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Saw an article on that recently, the neck one and since reading it, I have been consciously straightening! πŸ™‚

  12. The internet has made parenting a funny thing. When I had children I never would have expected to have some of the issues that I have with parenting.

    1. Ms Claudette

      It has certainly closed the gap between people and styles of parenting, bringing other ways of being a parent = some that goes against our preferences and some that are similar. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  13. As technology continues to change our environment there’s no doubt we’ll develop new disorders and ailments. Thanks so much for this post!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Your welcome and you are correct. Back in the day, before the Industrial Age, I am sure some of the disorders that came into play was not even thought about. Things and times change and so too the side-effects of those changes. Namaste πŸ™‚

  14. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I am SO over judgy parents. I think we should all support each other more, not pick on each other because they don’t like what we are doing.

    1. Ms Claudette

      U SO hear you on that. There is a time and place for observation but there is a thing also called “boundaries” as we have been harping on here. It goes not only for children but for adults who really need to mind their own business! A child sucking on a pacifier at age 4 – while it might look strange to you whose child does not – it really is not your business! However, we feel that celebrities are fair target for our unrequited advice. Let me stop. LOL πŸ™‚

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