The Body Image Question: Athletic Women, Hot Or Not Your Type?

What A Guy Wants

Are guys put off by athletic or muscular women?

Many men prefer beautiful champions, but whether a man likes a sportswomen is a question of choice. A report that I recently read stated that the depiction of women in sports, highlighting the areas of appearance and physique, puts added pressure on them. As a result of rigorous training, the bodies of these women change and when this happens it is a matter of what a man sees when he looks at them. Some men have labelled these women as unfeminine or plain unattractive but you’ll find you’ll see just as many well-defined women on adult sites like as the small, “dainty” figures.

A modern-day man might prefer his woman with curves and not looking like him – “mannish.” Some men may prefer the fragile model types who are usually showcased by the media, but for others it is the athletic physiques that win it for them every time.

Female Body Types And Sexual Appeal

When it boils down to sexuality, the female appearance has a lot to play on how a male counterpart will see them. Many men aspire to be with a woman that looks like she’s come straight out of Babestation Live, although this is often seen as simply a fantasy for most males. With the rigorous training and muscle-building that sportswomen undergo it has become a bit tough for some to dress in styles with the same ease that women with less muscular physiques wear. Most clothes that would cause some men to drool over models can look like skimpy rags or someone’s idea of a joke on them.

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Fit, athletic woman
She’s sexy and she knows it!

This has not stopped many men from seeing these women as the epitome of beauty although I am of the view that what one man sees in a woman is quite different from what another man sees in the same woman. Most think it is the stuff dreams are made of to find a woman who works out, loves cycling, mountain climbing, kayaking, hiking and crazy about sports in general.

Studies have shown that mutual interests play a very big role in a man’s preference for women. Men who are inclined to like sports are easily attracted to sportswomen and will go out with one at the slightest chance he gets. This is why so many sporty men love watching sporty women in porn. For examples, you can check here to see plenty of sports-focused men enjoying strong women. Their physique is a huge turn on for them and they see a woman capable of matching them strength for strength as exhilarating. Men who shun sports, however, might detest sportswomen and would rather go for the model-looking type with lithe and curvy shapes. While this is a well-known criteria for some, it is not set in stone as both types of men, those inclined towards sports or not, can prefer to go out with sportswomen if they fancy them.

To Each His Own

What not to like in Brittney Palmer – an accomplished jiu-jitsu fighter, Caroline Wozniacki – the Danish professional tennis player, Anastasia Luppova – a Russian billiards player, Alex Morgan – American soccer player and Olympic gold medalist and a host of other sexy sportswomen? Any of these sexy sportswomen would be celebrated on websites similar to I’m sure.

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strong woman
Strong and beautiful woman

As much as it is a man’s decision in these cases, more shows with a positive point of view about women and sports are crucial because they present the motivation that many aspiring athletes very much need. As time goes, on more and more men will learn to accept athletic women as they are.

The opinions expressed in this article are that of our Contributor, Robert Turner, who brings a male perspective to many of the issues we cover in this blog as well as items of current public conversations. The recent debate over Serena Williams’, the No. 1 in female single’s tennis, sexy or not-sexy body was the basis of this post and Robert, who lives in Georgia, U.S., enjoying a healthy debate as much as the next guy, highlights one view in this piece.

Contributor, Claudette P. Esterine
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  3. I think people tend to stick with there own types now days. So body builder seem to go together.

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