Are You Raising Super Entitled Or Well Children?

Parenting Style On Public Display

There was a recent storm, in the media mainly, that seems to have blown over very quickly. Yet, the “eye” of that storm lingers among us, across many places in our world and very visible particularly in North American communities.

Remember the story about a restaurateur who reportedly shouted at a child in her restaurant? Her story is not unique. There have been many business owners, customers in various business places and even employees of businesses who have or at least wanted to do the same. I for one have shaken my head so hard it nearly fell off watching oblivious or ignorant parents allowing their child or children to carry on in the most disruptive and disrespectful way in public places. I have also seen the opposite, parents who dish out harsh penalties and rebuke in public to a child that is misbehaving and causing embarrassment for the parent and of course themselves.

Frankly, if my granddaughter behaves like the children in the video above, I swear she will be disowned by me! Relationship expert I am not and neither am I a Super Nanny or Granny for that matter. One thing that is certain, I will never tolerate such behaviour and at the risk of offending some, this kind of attitude is seen, copied and rehearsed daily in the privacy of their homes so there is nothing stopping children from putting it on public display. Whether you’re a grandmother like me, or just part of something like the Cultural Care Au Pair program and looking after children, there is a level of discipline that I feel all carers should enforce when with kids.

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How To Raise Well Children

Wellness begins at home
Wellness begins at home

Wellness, as I have always said, is more than about having a beautiful body according to society’s standards. Rather, wellness includes all aspects of our lives – personal, emotional, physical and spiritual, It manifests in our finances, relationships, health and level of contentment.

Children are born well in my view but are “broken” out of it by us parents when we fail, yes fail, to be what we are called to be – guides.

Contributor Alexis Ali explores this topic of guiding children in North America in a two-part series beginning later today. Be sure to Subscribe and receive an update when that and all articles are updated here. [tweetthis]Improve your parenting skills or help a friend raise grateful children. Check this out![/tweetthis]

Alexis’ piece is particularly interesting as she shares her personal understanding and experiences of parenting gone wrong as a “non-parent.” All parents ought to take note of how they are affecting our societies with their lack of parenting skills so do share this blog with your friends who are young parents or thinking about having a child someday.

Entitled Or Grateful Kids – Which One Are You Raising?

Raising grateful children, gently
Raising grateful children, gently

A large part of the challenges parents today have is how to raise well children versus entitled children. This article gives a pretty good overview and tips how to raise a grateful child over an entitled child. Kristina Ribali wrote:

It made me wonder, do we have too much as Americans and does being abundantly blessed make it harder to be grateful? The fact is that the vast majority of children in America are rich compared to the rest of the world. Even most of thee children that fall below the Federal Poverty Level and are considered “poor” by our government’s standards have air conditioning, a car, satellite TV, and even an Xbox or other game consoles. And please, don’t get me wrong — I want us to be affluent, to have savings, to be able to bless people with our wealth. Having wealth doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be ungrateful or raise entitled children.

Check out the full article here and go over the tips, matching them to your own child raising practices or notions of how you would like to raise a child one day.

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Have you ever seen some parents do really dumb things (there is another word that I would like to use here) that makes you agree that a permit should be required to have children? Found these seven dumb things that some parents do extremely funny and wondered whether the author made up most of them but then again, I have heard a recount by a woman in a federal prison here in Canada about her version of #3 on this list. Read the list here and comment below what really dumb thing you have seen a parent do that made you feel so much better about your skill set.

True Power
True Power

That is it for now. Catch Part One of Alexis’ parenting and discipline post later this morning. As well, Subscribe and be updated when Michael H. Ballard and Richard Turner posts their articles on Resiliency and Dating later this week.

Do have a marvellous day and remember that wellness is more than just workouts and eating right!


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4 thoughts on “Are You Raising Super Entitled Or Well Children?

  1. eliz frank

    It’s frightening to think that some parents don’t raise well children because they want them to develop a sense of entitlement or ownership of the world… It is just awful.
    I remember a few months ago, at a church, 2 kids were playing in the aisle, disrupting the service, and snatching money out of the offering tray while their mom sat back gloating.
    The welcome team tried to intervene but to no avail, and I suppose they didn’t want to ask the family to leave. Such behavior is never “cute.” Sadly, too many parents abdicate their role for their version of “modern parenthood.”

    1. Ms Claudette

      Whatever was she gloating for – that her kids were stealing from the church’s coffers?! Are you sure it wasn’t gas she was expelling? That sounds just insane to me!!!

  2. dltolley

    Oh. My. Word. Never. Some children are admittedly more difficult than others, but respect for themselves and others is taught at home and carried out into the world. I raised six children. The oldest tried tantrums in the store, but we simply walked away from him, usually ducking around a nearby corner and keeping an unseen eye on him. When he was two, an elderly man walked up to him, mid-flop-and-moan and told our son he should come with him. Our son took one look at the man and the tantrum stopped. And that was the last one. Ever.
    If I could find that man, I’d give him a hug. I owe him! 🙂

    1. Ms Claudette

      What a great story Dianne! Yes, would that there were more such people today like that elderly man but we all have run scared of even looking at other people’s children in public! 🙂 Where I grew up, granted that it could get out of hand, but a neighbour would discipline you and then you go home for a second “backsiding” after they told your parents what happened! Namaste my dear and as always thanks for the comment! 🙂

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