2015: Your Year In Review, So Far

Taking Stock

Every Monday, sometimes we do it on a Tuesday depending on the schedule, my Team members and I meet to review the previous week’s achievements, any news that might impact our work and the goals for the current week.

Although the organization that employs me to supervise, manage and lead its customer service team has been around for such a long time, this weekly review that I initiated was a new experience for the group. Some weeks, it is a quick conversation but other times we can spend close to an hour pouring over new ideas, samples, templates and possibilities.

Possibilities. I love that word. Do you?

A natural risk-taker, the thought of what is possible excites me and yes, in the past has led me to epic failures. Through those ‘failures’, however, I have learned several lessons. The ones most relevant to this morning’s post are:

  1. the importance of checking in, up or on my progress
  2. remaining flexible and open to change
  3. take stock of what has happened (the past) but not be paralyzed by it but let it inform my forward movement.
Speak the Possible, not the past.

2015: Expansion Year

Today is the last Throwback Thursday for August – the end of the eighth month and the third quarter of the year. At the beginning of 2015, those who have followed my musings as well as my Facebook page and Twitter feed, know that this year was designated The Expansion Year by me. Without political or legislative authority, I know some people scoffed at my declaration and there were some who actually asked, “Who does she think she is?”

The joke is on them because on the doorstep of September 2015, my life and experiences have in fact expanded! Was this a chance or fluke? According to my beliefs there are no coincidences or accidents in life. “Things work together for good for those who believe.”

It is also my belief that it is never too late to start over, make a change or make a difference. That start, change or difference might be with one project, in one area of your life or in one person’s life. Hopefully, the life will be yours. So, today, that will be the focus of the featured post – “The Year In Review, So Far: Where Are You?”

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Best of The Year, So Far

2015, Best of The Year
Best of The Year, so far

For now, let us look at three areas that lighten the daily grind. Here are the “Best of the Year, So Far” in entertainment options:

  • Best Album of The Year: According to The Red & Black2015 has been a monumental year in music so far. Following somewhat of a drought in 2014, some of the industry’s biggest artists have returned with fantastic LPs while newer artists have been in fierce competition with each other to make a name for themselves in a year that seems like fantastic music is released just about every week. The best album of the year so far nomination goes to one that I have never heard of (surprise, surprise): “Barter 6” by Young Thug 
  • Best Film of The Year: Boise Weekly’s writer had this to say: “By this time next month, we’ll be reporting on a bounty of quality films—we’re only a few days aways from an overload of world premieres screened in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. Coupled with more unveilings at the New York and Telluride film festivals, we should have a pretty good idea of what films will be deserving of your attention in the final months of 2015. An additional bit of business will storm into cineplexes a few days before Christmas: the Star Wars reboot (other holiday films will need to clear the aisles, lest they be trampled by light saber-wielding fans). Until then, let’s take stock in the first two-thirds of 2015 and the films among the year’s best…” Inside Out was chosen as the best film, so far.
  • Best Book of The Year: I love reading but with all this blogging and social media activity, not to mention developing webinars at Learn It Live, my time has been very limited so far in 2015. Hopefully over the Christmas holiday, I will be able to slow down a bit and catch up on my reading. Getting some help to create a shortlist from TIME, where they have “ranked the best books of 2015 (so far). The picks span genre and form — including a darkly enchanting collection of short stories, a delightful novel featuring a dysfunctional bride-to-be and a singing memoir chronicling both grief and, yes, taming a hawk.” The best book of the year, so far, is: A God In Ruins, by Kate Atkinson
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Enjoy your Throwback Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “2015: Your Year In Review, So Far

  1. eliz frank

    I would like to see that movie out of curiosity. I always wonder about Top 10-20 lists and what role they truly serve. Sometimes, we get a tip or two and other times, who knows. Ha! <3
    You've had a stellar year so far, and here wishing you many, many more.

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thank you! As for the list – it’s just for the heck of it! At the end of the day, each of us have our own tastes. Have a great weekend!

  2. […] thing that is important to me is to truly make this my Expansion Year. In the morning post, I spoke about the laughter that my declaration evoked in some quarters. In spite of the echo in my […]

  3. tara pittman

    I have yet to see Inside Out. Now I really need to see it as it is the best film

    1. Ms Claudette

      Maybe we can do a joint review of it? I haven’t see it yet either. 🙂

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