Wellness News For Men And Elderly Women

A Cap on Body Enhancers

Tuesday is Wellness day here and this morning we are giving the first shout out to the men. Maybe the addition of Robert Turner to our Contributors team is responsible for this interest in men this morning? However, he did a very nice post yesterday on Body Enhancers that some women, not this one, like wearing.

As Robert wrote, “The search for perfection is relentless and a demanding one. We must remember that everyone has their taste and will pursue their ideal of beauty.” So, it is not for me to say what one woman to the next considers beautiful and how she will choose to express that.

My only comment, for now, is simple this, “make sure that your idea of beauty comes from within and not dictated by the media and any other establishment or person seeking to control you.”

To The Men And Their Wellness

Men have long been reported as not taking care of themselves in a holistic way. If that remains true, there are women in their lives who might very well be trying to influence a change in their lifestyle. There are also organizations and groups encouraging and motivating men to embrace wellness, with many focusing on specific areas like a core ab workout and others being more general in their focus.

As we here are about inspiring and support women AND those who love them, which would include the men in their lives, this item of news on men’s wellness caught my attention:

“The first-ever African-American Male Wellness Walk will be held Saturday morning in Niagara Falls, one of seven cities where the event will take place. The idea began in Ohio, where walks will be held in Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown. On March 21, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster accepted a challenge from Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman to sponsor the walk in Niagara Falls. Dr. Willie Underwood of Roswell Park Cancer Institute is the honorary chairman for the walk.”

About 4,000 people, and hopefully most will be men, will be walking and offered free on-site health screenings. If you are in that area or know a man who is, do share this information with them. Would love to see pictures of you all out there!

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28 Days of Wellness

Regular readers know that my understanding of wellness goes beyond exercising or working out. However, I do acknowledge the importance of movement and in my case even minimal movement and beyond my fingers on my laptop.

Twenty Days of Wellness: 10,000 Steps seems like a great way to start moving. As author of the article Alexandra Perron writes:

“Sunshine, warm air, and long days – with summer in full swing, it’s as good a time as any to get in shape. But we’re not here to send you to boot camp or put you on a 30-day cleanse because it turns out the easiest way to stay fit is by taking a walk.

That is my idea of a workout and they have a hashtag to match. Yahoo Health and Yahoo Beauty has joined up with others and for 28 days will feature ideas for everyone to get well this summer by simply walking. Check out the full article and dust off your walking shoes and get ready to win some prizes if you post your pictures to Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #28daysofwellness.

Check Your Breasts

Although not related to the 28 Day Walking programme, your girls (breasts) need to be comfortable as you venture out over the next many days on your trek. So be sure to dress comfortably!

Breast cancer continues to affect a large percentage of women worldwide. We are reminded daily and particularly during Breast Cancer month to do our self-exams. Admittedly, this is another area that I prefer that someone else to attend to and not that mammogram machine! What an uncomfortable invention? Yet it serves a very good purpose and as much as you and I might not like it, use it we must to help keep up our wellness.

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A recent report highlighted that many older women are unaware of the early signs of breast cancer:

“Fewer than half of the women over 70 who were questioned could name a symptom, apart from a lump. The government health agency, Public Health England, which organised the survey, said that older women were also more likely to delay going to their GP. About one in three women diagnosed with breast cancer each year are aged 70 or over.”

This was the story from BBC and another also out of England, The Daily Mail, stated that:

Elderly women may be putting themselves at risk of breast cancer because only half could name a symptom aside from a lump. A third of those diagnosed with the disease – around 13,400 – are aged over 70 and every day it kills around 15 of those women. While one in three of with breast cancer have reported a symptom other than a lump.

Watch this video then go check in with your doctor whatever age you are as well as urge your mother or any elderly woman in your life to do the same.

Have a great Wellness Tuesday! Be well and do keep in touch by Subscribing and be the first to know when our next article is posted. Have you been reading our 7-part short story series “The Interesting Life of An Unfortunate Woman? Catch up here and watch out for Part V tomorrow!


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