Wednesday Women’s News: Jobless, Homeless & Being French

Les Belles Femmes Françaises

Let us begin with the last one first. Good morning all! Are you French or know someone who was born French? My particular interest today is on French women – gorgeous creatures that they are.

Stereotyping is a game for some. It is one that has been played with people like me – black women. First, the important descriptor – “black” – is not my favourite but the other option, the “N” word is not even on the table. No one uses the “N” word in conversation with me – not a brother or a sister! No one.

So when I saw the headline for this article – which obviously means it was a good one – I quickly clicked to read: “7 Lessons To Learn From French Women.” Imagine my disappointment as I scrolled down to the “lessons.” In all fairness, there is a lesson in everything so even in a statement such as French women “also love wearing matching underwear,” there is one.

That was a lesson for me as I did not know it was the women of France who gave the world that so very sexy idea. See, I am new to the matching underwear sexiness. Granted my sexiness for the time being, however, is partagé avec moi seulement.  Grab your translator for that one. As well, check out the full article here and tell me what you think.

Was it all in jest, tongue in cheek kinda thing or is it up there with the “N” word kind of blanketing?

Another Beautiful Woman – Hillary Clinton

It has been a while since anything about America’s leading political woman has graced this blog, so we are changing that, briefly, this morning.

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Presidential candidate, again, Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the news again. When is she ever not in the news? Fair question. What struck me about this particular report is the connection to the topic of focus for later this morning.

Headlined “Is Hillary Clinton Right That Women Have Stalled Out in the Workplace?” the article covers the issue of female unemployment in the United States. Nick Gillespie, the author, suggests that the situation is way more complicated than Presidential hopeful, again, Clinton recently presented.

“First off, the United States is doing extremely well compared to most of the world when it comes to women participating in  workplace. According to government statistics, about 58 percent of American women are in the labor force (this means they are either working or looking for work). That number has generally been stable over the past several decades, varying a few percentage points. It is also about 4 percentage points higher than the average of other countries with advanced economies.”

Another day, maybe, I will start a conversation on whether we should be laughing or crying that 58% of American women are in the labour force. For now, as I read the article the connection between unemployment or underemployment and homelessness kept ringing in my ear. That is the focus of today and so after you delve into this piece by Gillespie, please join me later for our featured article. Did you read yesterday’s, by the way?

The State of Homelessness

Leading up to that featured article, watch this video of “superstar singer, LGBT activist, and a person who [could] run for President, Cyndi Lauper educate Congress on LGBT homeless youth.”

While Lauper focuses on homelessness among the LGBT community, later my focus will be mainly on homelessness and how it affects women and children and will feature another organisation with a brilliant, time-appropriate way to help.

Catch up with me in a few, as well as on our short story series, “The Interesting Life of Ann Unfortunate Woman, as Part V will be posted later today.

Be blessed and be a blessing, until we “link” again. Have you Subscribed yet? Please do and let me send you updates as we post as well as stuff that only subscribers get.



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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Women’s News: Jobless, Homeless & Being French

  1. Such a complicated subject and difficult to change. Love hearing thoughts on ways to help.

    1. Ms Claudette

      It indeed is a very complex issue – no two situation or cases of homelessness looks exactly the same and the same solution applies. The persons affected can best direct and decide on how they can evolve from it. However, an app such as this, serves to help us do offer at least a minimal help. thanks for your comment. much appreciated.

  2. Great post! I’m looking forward to hearing about the organization that has the answer!

    1. Ms Claudette

      Thank you but just to clarify and set expectation – not The Answer but one way to help. LOL

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