Ways To Wellness: How To Increase Sperm Count And Exercise Minimally


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Every morning that you get up and read or listen to the news, there is an item that turns on its head some “truth” or the other.  That for me this morning were the wellness tips to both men and women coming up in my alerts. Science and technology open new horizons for us and ideas that we long-held about the human body, what foods are best for optimal health, how much exercise we actually need and the basics of beauty are constantly changing.

Some applaud this while others might simply take these new developments with a grain of salt, preferring to wait it out the next big “find.”


Improve Your Sperm’s Wellness

It is safe to say that most people now understand that fertility challenges occur in women and men alike. There was a time – in the Victorian period, one that we will be examining later this morning about female hysteria – when it was thought that sperm was never an issue in infertility. Gone are those days and now we have reports of studies such as this one in India Today that points to male infertility and how to improve sperm wellness. For some men, they may decide on HCG injections to help them with their fertility issues, and other related problems that may come with it. Their doctor will be able to help them make this decision that fits their fertility journey, hopefully wielding better results.

Though age plays a role when it comes to male infertility, as the ability of sperm to move and the proportion of normal sperm tend to decrease with age, a lot depends on the quality of his sperms. ‘Therefore, eating well and nutritious diet rich in antioxidants which include tomatoes, sweet potatoes, melon, carrots, pumpkin seeds, fish, walnuts, blueberries, and pomegranates is the key to having healthy sperm cells.’

If there are still men among us who think that eating chocolate is not so macho, they might want to reconsider especially if a baby is on their minds. The study also found that “dark chocolates helps in the volume of ejaculate and improve sperm count and motility…the darker the chocolate, the better quality of sperms gets.” Read more here and share with the men in our life. [tweetthis]Eat dark chocolate for more sperm![/tweetthis]

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The Minimalist Approach To Wellness

Here is a report that truly excited me being that gyms and working out are not my favourite places to be and thing to do. We all want to be well and understand that movement is an important element of wellness. Yet, some of us are not into running marathons or exerting ourselves in any similar way.

Doctor Oz and Doctor Mike Roizen give the minimalist (see my hands in the air?) another way to get healthy and stay well with these shortcuts to wellness, published in the Idaho Statesman:

  1. Make sure you get in 10,000 steps every day and keep track of them with a pedometer or a smartphone app! Remember: One minute of aerobic exercise (like swimming) equals 100 steps.
  2. Tone muscles with 30 minutes of resistance exercises a week using stretch bands, hand weights or your own body weight!
  3. Go for 20 jumps a day. You heard us: JUMPS. You can try jumping in place, jumping up and down off a step platform, jumping from one leg to the other or jumping rope. This exercise builds bone.
  4. Get 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week. Cardio should be done at 80 percent or more of your age-adjusted heart rate. You can calculate your AAHR by subtracting your calendar age from 220.

Coming Up…Female Hysteria

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