Tuesday Wellness: Relationship, Strippers & Women’s Pay

Relationship Camp – Training Women?

For the life of me sometimes I simply do not understand how men think! Check out this article on Return of Kings basically promoting female domination.

On Tuesdays, attention is focussed here on wellness: what it means to be “well”, the various aspects of it and how to get and stay well. Today, as we explore the connection between sexuality and wellness, relationship is a necessary side topic.

According to this article on these noble gentlemen’s website, 3 Areas Where You Must Train Women How To Treat You, the wellness of a relationship and the people in it is heavily dependent on how much like a circus animal men can break women into being.

Some of you might find it offensive, fewer will find it on point and the rest will find it somewhere between. Have a read and comment below with your reaction to it. The late Dr. Maya Angelou must be rolling in her grave as she made popular the concept that you teach people how to treat you but “training women” how to treat a man? Hello?!!!

Magic Mike’s Role Reversal or Women Empowerment?

Before anyone gets the idea that my favourite hangout is at the male strip club here in Edmonton, let me say that although it is on my bucket list, I have never been to one. Outside of a mini-show in the privacy of my bedroom, I have actually never seen a male stripper in action. When the first installment of Magic Mike was released, the very miniscule prudish side of me wanted nothing to do with it. So, it would be almost a year or so after its release that I actually saw and loved it!!!

The story was great, but Channing Tatum’s moves were out of this world! On that point of adoration, I joined all the women who openly did what men have done for centuries – I objectified Tatum, sexually and every other way my mind could.

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Then they went and did this:

As I watched this interview and read the one published on Creative Loafing, that question came to mind. Are we witnessing further evidence of women behaving like men in the not-so-nicest of ways or is this another step of women empowerment?

Jada, yes we are on first name basis, in her role as the emcee of this male strip club suggests that it is the latter:

“‘What I realize from my advocacy is the sex industry is going to exist, there is no eradicating it. … So instead of focusing on shutting the industries down, I had the idea we should bring some responsibility to it,’ she says. ‘I really wanted Rome to show a woman can have a sense of self-respect and dignity and demand that from whomever she’s dealing with in a sexually charged environment. Entertainment in this industry does not have to be about degradation and what it should be is about celebration and exaltation.

Is this a sell-out, cop-out or does her comment holds a lot of truths? Comment below with your thoughts and I will share mine – when I get back from the movie!

The Pay Gap

Many of you might still be celebrating the recent win of the US Women’s Football Team and might be thinking that those women are so empowered and so well in every way imaginable, including their pocketbooks.

You might be wrong – at least on the pocketbook part. No, they are not hurting for cash or in a Food Bank line I hope. However, compared to the US Men Football Team who rank way below them, struggling to keep up with the ball, these women are earning nickels and dimes!

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This is the real money story behind all the recent hype from Politico:

“Pay for professional women’s soccer players is at best paltry and at worst outright shameful compared to those of their male counterparts. (The U.S. men’s team is currently ranked 27, compared with the world-champion women.) This year’s tournament featured a generation of American women who have not lived in a world without Title IX and did their jobs elegantly and professionally: They won the game, defeating a longtime rival in Japan; and as they did during the 2012 London Olympics, they won with high-caliber athleticism, class and sportswomanship along the way. Yet the total payout for the Women’s World Cup this year will be $15 million, compared with the total for the men’s World Cup last year of $576 million, nearly 40 times as much.”

Read the full story here and again share your thoughts on another issue – equal pay for women in all spheres of life.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Wellness: Relationship, Strippers & Women’s Pay

  1. eliz frank

    I’ve read reviews for that male stripper movie and not all good. The pay gap is a sad and lingering problem in the US and elsewhere… Gender equity should have become a given and done with by now. Sadly, it remains a thorn in our collective flesh.

    1. Ms Claudette

      You have just broken my heart with your comment that Magic Mike reviews are not good 🙁 I was saving up my points to go see it. Guess I will wait for it to come on Netflix then??? As for the pay gap, yes it is indeed a thorn in our collective flesh – you are being very politically correct there as I was going to say backside. Oops I just did! LOL. Thank you very much for your comment. It is really appreciated.

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